Saturday, 5 August 2017

What Matters Most....

is on the inside, not the outside.


Little brother asked me to buy papaya for him. He was so desperate for it like his life depended on it, his desperation shone through his perpetual reminders for his papaya. During one of my visits to the pasar to do the weekly wet grocery shopping, I finally garnered enough courage to make a pit stop at a fruit stall. 

I was, for the most part, agitated. But greater than my agitation was my exasperation at hearing my brother repeatedly asking for his papaya, every single day. And the only way to shut a boy about his papaya is to get him his papaya. 

After much contemplation in front of an array of fruits of all shapes and colours, I decided to just... wing it. Took a lungful of air, looked at the abang buah in the eye, and said,

"Bang, saya sebenarnya nak beli buah betik (= papaya) ni tapi saya taktau rupa dia mcm mana,"

Okay before any of you laughs at my idiocy, let me just clarify that I know exactly how papaya looks.... on the inside!!! It's glorious orange!!! I KNOW THAT.

I just....

Didn't know how it looks like on the outside.

The same way I didn't know that salmons aren't orange on the outside...... (I do now)

That abang buah let out a small chuckle before pouting straight in my direction. "Tuuu, betul-betul depan adik tu,".

So kids, things to take away from this tale is that sometimes what matters most is on the inside. Other times, though, it's what's on the outside. So in short, both outside and inside do matter. People who tell you otherwise are either lying, or have never bought a papaya on their own.

And here, the biggest moral of the story, this is how a papaya looks like on the outside :

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