Wednesday, 2 August 2017


Did any of you catch the latest episode of #UstazahSheera on my instastory the other day? The one with 2 guest stars. If you did, you'd know that one of them is Faris Aqil. And if you followed my previous blog(s), you'd know that Aqil is one of the few boys/men in the whole wide world that I'm utterly fond of.

Aqil managed to assemble the dinasour thingy that I bought for him!! Without my help!! Smarty pants!

He's 9 years old. (Or 8. I'm not too sure, too many kids in the family that I've lost track of their names, age, hobbies, warna kegemaran...... but whatever, now's not the time for my Kakak Sheera Who paranoia to kick in.)

And he's an absolute sweetheart.

He's also hilarious. And smart. And kind. And endearing.

One time his mum (my aunt) had a sudden attack of shortness of breath after performing Maghrib prayer, and Aqil immediately assumed his role as the Responsible Eldest Son by helping her out of her telekung and assisting her to lie down in bed. It was almost dinner time so he led his 3 other siblings to have dinner at the dining table without troubling their mum (which left a huge mess of rice on the table & the floor, but that's besides the point). After dinner, he came back to check on his mum, recited the Quran next to his mum, and told his mum not to die because he didn't want a new Mama, with tears welling in his eyes and all hahahahha hashtag drama. So at this point of the story I was still trying to wrap my head around the idea of a boy of such tender age with that amount of emotional capacity, and then my aunt went and told me that Aqil then managed to phone his dad (who was out of the country at the time) to inform of his mum's condition and mobilise emergency contacts. A 9-year-old that's emotional AND rational?

We (Aqil, his siblings, and I) were quizzing each other on random stuff another time, me asking them about what animals have 2 legs and what have 4 and what animals make what kind of sounds, you know, stuff of basic general knowledge. And then this Aqil boy decided to pop a question about.... Cars.

"Dalam banyak-banyak cars, car apa yang initials dia CZ?"

Uhhh. Excuse me but


I asked for a clue because I didn't want to sound like an outright dimwit. At least not in front of a 8- or 9-year-old ok pls. Aqil smiled his charming sheepish smile before it rapidly morphed into a cocky smirk, and then he said, "Okay, okay. Clue dia is.....

Horsepower dia 580,"


You guys should have seen my face, I was ???? personified in real life.

When he revealed the answer a while later, I was even more ??????? because I've never heard of that car before!! Haih. This boy. So knowledgeable. Also sooo banned from our fun trivia quiz from now on, but you didn't hear this from me hahaha.

I caught him fully engrossed in this little pocket notebook the other night, he carried the notebook everywhere like it's a vital organ, even to the dining table.

Hmmm what could it be..?

My curiosity piqued. After stealing multiple surreptitious glances to find out what valuable secret information is stored inside the book but to no avail, I decided to be straight up honest and asked him what he wrote.

He happily showed me. (See, this is why honesty is the best policy! If you never ask, you never know)

Aside from the fact that I don't know half of the cars in this list, can we appreciate how nice his handwriting is?! I mean, for a 9-year-old, I think this is pretty amazeballs.

To my dearest Aqil, Kakak Sheera hopes that you grow up to be an anak soleh for your parents, a man of kindness, grace, wisdom, intelligence, wit, strength, principles, and tact. Regardless of what life throws at you, Kakak Sheera hopes you stay true to your inherent traits : curious and kind and loving.

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