Thursday, 17 August 2017

Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu

I haven't had the chance to sit down and properly blog about anything because these days I'm always up & about doing things. For those who have no clue, my parents are off to perform their Hajj in Mecca, leaving me with The Adult One role (+ the millions of errands inclusive in the job scope) to fill in. There seems to be an endless list of things to do, even when I think I've done everything that needs to be done, something new would always pop up out of nowhere, thus forcing me to peel my arse off the bed. My concept of time now is contingent upon the lil sissy's schedule e.g. balik sekolah o'clock, pergi tuition o'clock.

Last weekend I finally managed to escape the routine for a bit, by hijacking Amie's family trip to Penang. Hehehe. It wasn't just me, Almira & my little sister joined too! Lil brother couldn't join because of some uni obligations. Boo.

Prior to the trip I imagined doing plenty of touristy things, but that mental scenario was pretty much drowned out by the heavy, ongoing downpour that went on for two days. We were stuck indoors for the large part of the weekend, had to get creative with creating entertainment out of ourselves, which was not all that difficult since we were a party of 11 pax - an easy formula for fun & hijinks. 

I remember massive guffaws playing charades, playing carrom for the first time (and realising that I was not born for this game), my fully immersing myself in the Penang culture by trying to pull the dialect, the others trying not to kill me for my horrible (but commendable) attempt at speaking the dialect. When the sky did clear up we seized the opportunity to get ourselves some nasi kandaq lovin'. And pasemboq. And laksa. And durian. And langsat. And manggis. 

We also made a pitstop at Almira's kampung on our way back. We've never visited each other's kampungs before so I'd like to see that as the three of us unlocking a new level of friendship!! Hehe. 

Almira membebel about something I can't remember

I've always been a fan of purple sunsets, but that day as we drove along the second Penang bridge (Jambatan Sultan Abdul Halim), we were blessed with a majestic golden sunset. Everything around us looked sephia, I felt like I was in an old movie. So here's a series of golden sunset photos for your eyes! Let me know which one you like best please hehe. (1)

(2) Love that the rain drops on the windscreen turned into bokeh in the photos, they add some dreamy touch methinks


(4) I think I like this one best

(5) Or maybe this one



(8) Wait, this one???!?!?




(12) But I like this one oso!!! Ugh stress I can't decide




At Teluk Bahang Dam. Look at how low the clouds hung

Haih don't know what my life would consist of without these two. Probably more serenity and less insults and no embarrassing instastories. Their lives without me? Meaningless. Hewhew.

'Bout to debut and drop the most lit album of the year, you have been warned

With my one and only little sister

DO YOU SEE THAT?! DO YOU SEE MY SISTER DOING THE FINGER HEART?! That's right boys and girls I've successfully converted her into Korean-ism. Hashtag ustazah sheera hashtag done dakwah.

Pandang apa tu Shahirah..............

Someone pointed out that my mouth is really big.... And wow I just realised that.........

Thank God I covered my mouth in the other photos haha

Most favourite photo of the lil sissy!!!

I think it's safe to say that they can cross off modelling from their list of career choices 

Except Haiqal maybe. Masih boleh digilap bakat tu

Short meetup with Maksu!

So many things going on in this photo but I'd like to point out the most important fact : Cheq tak kenai depa ni

Almira awat hang dok buat lagu tu????? LAGU TIGA KUPANG, HEY

Amie's mum aka my best friend's mum aka my mum's best friend!!

Sokonglah produk buatan Malaysia

Weather was suuuuper on our last day.......

So the story is that Almira reminded Amie to bring a white top to wear on the last day, but she didn't remind me. But I ended bringing a white top anyway because we tru fren telepathy like that, and Amie forgot to bring anything white...... Nampak dah siapa nak kena kick from the group chat hewhew

Here are more photos taken from my phone :

Penang kami nak mai niiiiiii

At the R&R

At some random restaurant after being sesat for approximately 2 hours looking for an allegedly great char kuey tiaw place

With the love of my life for breakfast. And oh my little sister.

In loving memories of three carrom pieces that I managed to score before the main carrom striker thingy got 'celup'-ed....

You know how it is with humans.... The more something is forbidden, the more they covet it

Lepaih makan nasi kandaqqqq

Cute finds in Penang (1)

Cute finds in Penang (2)

Cute finds in Penang (3)

It didn't go as I imagined it to be, it turned out even better. Arguably the most relaxing yet fulfilling excursion I've had in a while.