Thursday, 20 July 2017

Whelmed at Holland Park

There's a backlog of photos that I want to share here on my blog so I apologise for yet another blog post replete with photos. Few days after (or was it one day after? I have lost track of the dates) that Greenwich photo sesh, I hung out with my best friend Sappy, my friend Amir, and my cousin Luq. They all went to KMB for their pre-U studies so I was pretty much an oddball stuck in the middle of a KMB clan for the whole day.

At some points their conversation did inevitably steer into the KMB topic since, duh hello, it's the one thing they share in common. But I didn't feel totally left out. So it wasn't so bad!

I mean, what's all that fuss about KY clique that everyone else complains of? Pfsh. Hahaha.

We went to Holland Park (my second time there. Still in awe with how well maintained it is despite being a freely accessible place! Photos from my first visit can be found here) late in the afternoon when the sun was more forgiving. Had multiple fits of laughter over the fact that I was not underwhelmed, nor was I overwhelmed by spending the entire day with them. I was just... whelmed. Hahaha.

Or maybe I'm just that mudah terhibur hewhew.

Sappy wore tudung bawal that day and it accentuated that classic beauty of her face!!!! Haih my best friend is so beautiful, inside and out!

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