Friday, 21 July 2017

Not Enough Storage

Wow I haven't done this in a long time, but it's time! Time to delete photos from my phone to make some space for more photos of Ji Chang Wook where the car is parked because my brain is a sieve that deliberately chooses not to retain that piece of information. Aka time for another Not Enough Storage post. Haha.

Any of you got food allergies? You know when you're allergic to something, you do your best at abstaining from that food, but some days your vehement craving takes over and you throw caution to the wind and gobble up as much of that food as humanly possible. It's reckless, it's rebellious, and it bears hella itchy & hella painful consequences.

But it's worth it.

I can say the same about my current affair with this KDrama called Seven Day Queen. Not only is this an ongoing kdrama (a box of kdrama allergies, checked), it also involves a love triangle (another box of kdrama allergies, checked). This drama hurts me, but in alllll the righttttt wayssss. It's so, so good.

And it also makes my heart swell to see familiar names & faces in this drama :)

Myung Hee and Chae Young Shin from Healer!!! My hearttttttt

MY HEALER FEELS ARE THROUGH THE ROOF!!!!! (The director for Seven Day Queen also directed Healer)

This drama is a real heartbreaker, I'm telling you. To prove my point :

Ulfah recorded me sobbing on her instastory.........

Mindblowing how the production team managed to find the child actors for this drama. They deliver top notch acting performance, and wth they even LOOK SO SIMILAR TO THEIR ADULT COUNTERPARTS!!!! It really feels like watching them growing up in this drama, instead of changing actors. Wow.

I mean.... W. O. W.

Any of you watching this? If yes please let me know because I just need to talk, my small body can only contain so much feels. I've already converted 4 friends into Seven Day Queen-ism and none of them has any regrets. If you're not watching this then mate, I'm telling you, you're missing out on a really really good KDrama. So do yourself a favour and come on and join in the party! The more the merrier :D

And did you hear, the SongSong couple from Descendants of The Sun - Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo - are going to tie the knot!!!!! I'm not the biggest fan of Descendants of The Sun (dropped it at Episode 9-ish), but it makes me soooo happy to see on screen couples coming together in real life!!

I met up with Livern one day, can't remember exactly when, but it was the day before she had a presentation due so I couldn't bother her for too long. I made some banoffee pie the previous night, and I know Livern loves my banoffee pie, so that was a good excuse for a mini catch up. It felt like 5 minutes, but I was genuinely happy to be able to sit down and talk and laugh with Livern again. We parted ways with the promise of seeing each other again after I finish my exams.

Yet another family gathering that I had to miss in physical presence, but not in virtual one. Here's a view of the gorgeous, gorgeous ceiling because NOBODY WAS RAJIN ENOUGH TO HOLD THE PHONE >:(

I love it when people come to me with the news that they've caught the Ji Chang Wook bug, it makes me feel like I've done a tremendous job propagating the disease and spreading it around! Should probably start a support group now because let's be honest, we've all got a severe case of being smitten with this man.

Me telling Nadia that I have a photo of Ji Chang Wook in my card holder - a sight that I behold every single day hewhew

Haaaaaaave I told you about my best friend Atika? She's a lot of things to me - a best friend, fitness inspiration, etc. - and she's also my meme supplier. Here's a really good one she sent me for eid the other day.

Eid mu-barack

Of course I had to respond in the meme lingo.

Not bad

I've already written about & posted photos from that time I hung out with Sappy, Amir, and Luq, so there's not much else to say. Here are some lower q photos from our phones haha.

If there's a membership club for Big Moe's Diner, I'd be in the Gold tier with the highest points to redeem. 

Not sure what I was trying to do, but isn't Sappy a cutie?! 

I told you, the Malaysian eid game goes on for a month! This rings true even for Malaysians in outside Malaysia. One day Hanee invited some friends over for some makan-makan, and it will remain as one of my favourite days in London. Thinking about it in retrospect now I can recall blurry images of massive guffaws with my friends, the height of London's summer heat, playing bananagrams Malay version, and Hanee's rendang (that she made from scratch, yes, that's a crucial point that she made sure no one missed hahaha).

Unlike all my other "Okay nanti sumpah kena catch up!" janji melayu with other old friends, my promise with Livern was not broken. Hahaha. We agreed on a dinner date, Val decided to join too. For some reason I got there earlier than expected. Thank God I was allowed to wait in the restaurant instead of outside because the rain was pouring at the time, but ohhhh my days, I was bored out of my mind waiting for Livern & Val.

Always a case of tough love with Livern

So remember I wrote about my clandestine arrival in Malaysia? I had to keep my family in the know because then who else would pick me up?? Hahha. And my little sister surprised me at the arrival hall with a banner!!!!!! With Hangul writing!!!! Said her friend at school helped her to write in Hangul. Inaccurate spelling of my name but who cares, isn't she the cutest, the sweetest, the bestest sister?! Eeep!!!


I'm pretty sure I've declared my eternal love for rice many times on this blog, but allow me to reiterate : I LOVE RICE. WITH ALL OF MY HEART. I'm a rice or die kind of girl.

Nasi kukus

Nasi lemak!!!

I'm also back to my Kakak Sheera duties!!! Got to see some of the lil munchkin babies who were born when I wasn't around, and it stung a bit when they looked at me like I'm a complete stranger, but thankfully they didn't burst into full blown tantrum-y cries. They just seemed indifferent. And my aim by the end of this summer break is to get them to say my name like a mantra and remember my face like it's imprinted on their retina hahah.

Raya isn't raya until I have a photo with my siblings!! They drive me up the walls half of the time, and the other half they're asleep. Love them nonetheless, though sometimes my affection is verbalised as, "Eeee diam lah gila,". Pictured below are my siblings' takes on "Muka gangster, muka gangster", and me and my sound trouble ass who didn't hear it & instead raised my hands for a takbir. Hashtag alhamdulillah sis.

Posted this on my instastory the other day. I thought people would respond by laughing at my height (or lack thereof, ahem), but surprisingly all of them laughed at my.... nasi lemak wallpaper. NOT THAT I AM OFFENDED hahaha but!!! 

In defence of nasi lemak, people come and go but nasi lemak... Man, nasi lemak is forever, ok.

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