Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Lies, Lies, and Surprise!

Initially my flight to Malaysia was supposed to arrive on 13th July, which also happens to be Amie's birthday. The recent row between Qatar, UAE, Egypt, and Bahrain was unfortunate, but I leveraged it to plan for a birthday surprise for Amie #opportunist . I lied to everyone (except a select few) about Qatar Airways rescheduling my flight to 2 days later. Goodness gracious was it the hardest thing!!

For starters, deception is hard work, I kid you not. There's so much more effort required - for planning, for persuasion, and for maintenance of the fibs - than being straight up honest. It's one thing to lie, it's a whole other thing to lie to Amie.

Let me help you put things into perspective. Between me and Amie, there's no such thing as a barrier of information. We know so much of each other that we can't possibly break our friendship, too risky.

We constantly update each other on the ups and downs of life (and weight)

So you can imagine how difficult it was to tell fibs to the person whom I tell everything to.

The surprise also involved my mum and Amie's mum, which was another headache in itself because mums are NOT the best at keeping secrets I swear to God hahaha. The number of times that they almost slipped and divulged the surprise!!

I touched down on home soil late afternoon of 13th July. My family picked me up and took me to mamak for early dinner/late lunch (after much protest on my end over the fear of running into Amie mere HOURS before the surprise haha).

That night, Almira took Amie out under the pretence of having a fancy dinner just the two of them when really, she was just taking Amie out for a night drive so that the rest of us could set the house up for the surprise. We had one hour. IT WAS CRUNCH TIME! There were balloons to blow, table to set up, sequence of events to run through over and over again, shoes to hide, cars to park as far as possible. At some point within that one hour, Amie's brother rang her saying that Almira left her handphone, necessitating both of them to come back to retrieve the handphone (when in fact, it was in Almira's pocket all along hahaha).

I hid in a car outside while Amie & Almira entered the house, to an outburst of voices shrieking "SURPRISE!!!" and balloons in their faces. They sang the birthday song, and then played a compilation of videos of Amie's friends wishing her Happy Birthday but couldn't physically join in the celebration. The last video was mine.

At the end of my video the doorbell of my flat in London rang (I made Ulfah do it hehe), suggesting the arrival of Amie's birthday present that I ordered online. I got up to open the door....

and suddenly found myself in Malaysia hahaha. I even wore the exact same clothes as in the video #gigih.

Here's the view from another angle, barulah mcm KDrama hahaha. CONTENT TREND LEADER. TVN.

Two long haul flights drained the energy out of me and made me look like utter crap, but none of that mattered when I got to see the shock on Amie's face and tears in her eyes when I walked in. 

So I'd like to apologise to everyone whom I lied about my flight details to! I'M SORRY!! I was desperate ok it was darurat so it was totally necessary so my lying to everyone was toootally justified! I also owe Qatar Airways an apology for tarnishing their name with my lie hahaha guys their service is the best ok so pls fly with Qatar Airways!!! Di bulan Syawal yang mulia ni eloklah kita bermaafan hehe. Just to clarify, I'm not like a compulsive liar or anything like that ok! Haha. 

The surprise was a great success and that's in no small part thanks to the people who I gathered in a secret Whatsapp group called SC 17 Penicillin (the name is inspired by my revision for final exams hahah) aka people who sama-sama menipu with me hahaha dosa menipu kita share k. Also many, many thanks to my mum and Amie's mum and Amie's family even though their multiple slips of the tongue meant my near miss heart attacks haha.

Amie, if you're reading this, the surprise was nothing to compare to how great of a friend you are to all of us, but I hope you loved it and I hope you know how much we love youuu!

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