Monday, 26 June 2017

#ustazahSheera : Eid Edition

On the eve of Eid, a war of feels erupted within me. There was melancholy and a longing to be home with my family & relatives, to experience the familiar pandemonium & chaos that I've gone through year in year out for 20+ years already.

But the prospect of celebrating Eid away from home for the first time in my life carried a sense of novelty that I haven't felt in awhile, which was refreshing. I'm all about embracing new Firsts in my life so a part of me was psyched for it!

And then there's also the boring, skema voice in me that kept pestering me with the fact that my final exams are coming soon (like soon SOON) and that raya comes every year, but grades are forever (cue bunyi guruh).

In summary, I didn't know what to feel.

I felt bad for feeling excited about celebrating Eid abroad because that's like knife-through-the-chest kind of treachery towards everyone back home. I mean, I love my family & relatives with every fibre of my being but for once,

no scrambling to use the toilet on the morning of Eid!

No ironing the clothes for the whole family!

No helping my fussy little brother to put on his sampin!

No cheeky "Ni form berapa ni?" tease!

These are plausible reasons to be excited right?? Hahha. At least that's how I convinced myself so.

Anyway, morning of Eid!

#ustazahSheera arose early, did a little bit of workout, had a kiwi & a banana for breakfast. (Omg the first breakfast after Ramadan felt so haram! Hahaha) Nothing can ruin today, I told myself. NOTHING.

But my hijab was like haha cute but naah, girl, no way jose.

My worst nightmare happened. I tried to fix my hijab so that it looks decent but my hijab was not. Having. It. It was so bad that there was no way I could leave the house looking like that.

But alhamdulillah my hijab finally cooperated after 30 minutes of relentless tug and pull in all directions!!! It didn't look the best to be honest, I've had better hijab days before but I've also had WORSE so I was in no position to complain. And by then I was already running late for the first jemaah (8.30 a.m.) for solat raya at Malaysian Hall in Queensway so with heels on my feet bag on my shoulder hijab on my head, I dashed out the door.

No more than 5 steps had I taken out the front door of my flat building before the English winds blew in my face and undid my 30 minutes of hard work!!!

Only managed some internalised catharsis, couldn't even afford to react appropriately outwardly to the misfortune because I was late. Got to the tube station and then the sweet voice of a lady came out the speaker, telling me that

the Central line was suspended.

That left me with only one viable option to get to Malaysian Hall: the combination of District line and.... (shudders) Circle line, which is as useless as Hammersmith & City line (it shouldn't come as a surprise that I absolutely hate Hammersmith & City line, I wrote about it coupla times).

Needless to say I didn't make it to the 8.30 a.m. jemaah for solat raya, so I joined the 9.30 a.m. one.

Got to see some of my old mates - my SKRM friend, MRSM friends, KY friends, even my cousin Luq came back to London to celebrate Eid with me - so that was really nice. I'd like to think that was God's way of rewarding #ustazahSheera for being patient with the morning's series of unfortunate events hehe.

I Facetimed my family & relatives, only to get 1) a pixelated view of them, so low res that I felt like I was watching porn (not that I have ever...), at some point I couldn't even make out the face of who I was talking to hahaha,

One of the rare times that I could actually recognise the faces on the screen! 

(Side note: Maxis, 3G at my kampung, please, I'm begging you. IT'S ABOUT TIME!)

2) a screen that perpetually taunted Poor Connection in my face,

3) "Hello? Hello?! DENGAR TAK?!",

followed by 4) abruptly ended video calls.

The wind kept testing my hijab's resilience and my hijab faltered, of course. LEMAH SUNGGUH. If there's a scoreboard it'd be London wind 100 - 0 Sheera's hijab, thus necessitating my going back to my flat at noon to change my hijab haha.

And then I went to visit my foster family and friends who hosted some makan-makan all over London, the furthest was in Zone 4. No bigger motivation to commute that far than free food man.

So yeah, was celebrating Eid abroad that much of a nightmare??

I wouldn't say so. It was different.... and different isn't necessarily a bad thing. I got to break free from the year in year out Eid routine with the fam bam. This time around I was in charge of my day. I was the one who decided what time I should wake up and get ready and leave for the Eid congregational prayer. In fact going for the Eid prayer itself was entirely my call. Though I was late and the wind was at odds with how I'd like my hijab to be, at least I had that 30 minutes to fix it before leaving the house. I mean, if this was in Malaysia I'd hear Mama's ceaseless angry yelling asking me to hurry up and I'd leave the house looking like a mess (and then come back looking like a messier mess) haha. The option to stay home and chill and not use up my socialising quota for the week was there, and it was tempting to say the least, but I didn't go with that option, simply because I chose not to.  My Eid was what I made of it (and this applies to Eid in Malaysia too to be honest. I've heard one too many times of friends who've grown out of the fondness for Eid, saying it's no longer as fun as it used to be in our childhood. Mate, Eid is what you make of it!).

Coming back to the issues of my feelings, I did feel homesick but it was nothing too overwhelming, like, not to the point of tears, surprisingly. It probably had something to do with stuffing my face with lots of good food (and possibly regaining the 5kg that I lost over Ramadan) and seeing friends who I haven't seen in a fair while. I kept thinking about revision even though I didn't actually do any but hey it's the thought that counts??

I had a fine Eid, but nothing beats Eid in Malaysia lah ok seriously muah love you Malaysia. Now I'm typing this at the end of the day, completely knackered as I would be if I were in Malaysia. It's that old friend: 1st Syawal fatigue.

Anyway, Eid mubarak & selamat hari raya to everyone who's reading this, whether you're a long time reader or a new visitor who happens to stumble upon my blog! Maaf zahir & batin! I apologise for all my wrongdoings be it intentional or otherwise, and I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me.

But if you don't, then...

Kita settle kat padang mahsyar court je lah k.

Bawak shuttlecock sendiri.

Hehehe gurau.

Here are some photos:

Queueing for the second jemaah of solat raya

With my cousin Luq

At Fauzan's place

Facetimed my best friend Atika

Facetimed my best friend Almira

My bitter little brother hahaha

Omg is this how I look like whenever I facetime people?!?! THIS BIG?!

No seriously, THIS BIG?!?! Pipi je dah makan 5GB

I felt/looked like a schoolgirl!! Rasa mcm nak pegi prep pakai tudung putih and baju kurung haha

Because one photo of me is not enough hehehe

Hope you had a jolly good time wherever you are whomever you're with!!

Take care.


Okay okay I stop now maaf zahir batin 2.0 haha.

Oh and before I leave this virtual space once again to commence a period of lockdown in preparation for my finals, can I ask you a favour? I'd be very grateful if you could please keep me in your prayers so that I go through my exams with ease (and with style, no less) and obtain flying colours. Thanks so much :)

Friday, 9 June 2017


In case you're not following me on Instagram or missed my instastories.....

Prince Charles came to pay a visit to the victims of the London Bridge attack

If you're Malaysian and you don't know who Amalina Che Bakri is, then shame on you really....

Okay I didn't follow her in the sense that I followed her like a stalker without her knowing.... She invited me to her office and I only accepted the extended offer like the tak tahu malu person that I am hahaha


COPD is a respiratory condition that commonly affects smokers

That's basically the entirety of my Chinese lexis. Hahaha

I'm still over the moon about meeting Dr Amalina Che Bakri in person!!!! I can only hope I get to achieve half of her success. One day inshaAllah.