Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Not Enough Storage

You know what they say, even the strongest people have their breaking point. I didn't know it applies to pestle as well.

I mean, who would have thought that a pestle - whose job is to smash and grind and crush things into fine particles - can actually break itself in half???

Ulfah and I were both in the kitchen doing our own thang when this guy slowly rolled over the kitchen top and landed on the floor with a loud thud. Our heads immediately jerked in the direction of the sound and we were both speechless for awhile because

da hell?! A pestle just broke!

Me : Can you imagine if the lesung jatuh atas kaki kita?! Mesti sakit nak mampus. 
Ulfah : Kalau jatuh atas kaki kita mungkin kaki tu yang retak.
Me : Tapi at least the lesung wouldn't break...
Ulfah : True.

And then we both spent the next minute crouching in laughter because our priorities are soooo messed up hahah.

The other day I found another way of procrastinating my revision : I played around with a shawl. Not a tudung bawal, but a shawl. As you'd expect, took a gajillion of selfies and sent them to my favourite girls, one of them being Amie.

Forgot to ask her ada cop Halal Jakim tak 

Another cousin of mine came to London conveying things my mum bought for me : dates (because my love life is non-existent... Hahaha no lah because I'll be spending the whole of Ramadan here in London), baju raya (because I'll be spending my first ever eid abroad!!! Without my family!!! Cue the saddest raya song in history), rendang maman, and of course, the love of my life, SERUNDING!!!!

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