Sunday, 7 May 2017

Look Who's Here!!!


(Geddit geddit??? Look?? Luq??)

Maintaining the consistency of my top notch hosting skills, I welcomed him at the arrival hall with a banner. A humongous one, no less.

Luq had one job (which is to take a proper photo of me holding the banner up so that we can share it on the family whatsapp group of course). But there he went filming me with the banner, followed by screenshotting at the exact moment my eyes were closed -_-

Fed him home made ayam masak lemak and also took him to eat at Malaysian restaurants in London. Malaysian restaurants in the US (where he studies) are few and far in between I think, and none of them within the state he's in, so he was OVERWHELMED with ecstasy when he finally got to taste some Malaysian food. Made me realise how extremely fortunate I am to be spoiled with choices here in London.

Played tourist once again but this time around I didn't take much photos with Zorro. In fact on Luq's first day, Zorro didn't even leave the camera bag. Because Luq's into photography as well and he's waaaay more advanced than I am so I forced him to take my photos instead hehe.

He complied. Well he kind of had to. Otherwise he'd be sleeping in the streets hahaha.

But it was nice for myself to be in front of the camera for a change!

Like I said earlier, he's way more advanced in photography and he has all these fancy lenses and fancy camera bag and fancy tripod. I got to borrow some of his lenses and guys, I think I'm in love with the wide angle lens.


In. Loveeeee.

Some of the photos I took using his wide angle lens :

Now I want to buy a wide angle lens.

But I also want to buy a new camera body but I also want to buy a stabiliser but I also don't have money.


And here are some of the photos Luq took of me hehe :

We talked about everything under the sun and laughed and had a bit of an emotional breakdown when we both couldn't recognise any of the newborn babies in the family whatsapp group media gallery hahaha. Turns out I'm not the only one with the Kakak Sheera Who paranoia hewhew.

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