Monday, 24 April 2017

Living That Fangirl Life

When I first saw the poster for the Losing My Religion Conference 2017 on Facebook about a month ago, I thought to myself, hey, this looks interesting. Then I clicked on the event page and saw that the conference will centre around the topic Islamophobia. 

Alhamdulillah I've been lucky to have never had to experience any episodes of Islamophobia first hand so far, but just because I'm not affected by it, doesn't mean it's not happening. Just because it's not happening where I'm living, doesn't mean it's not happening elsewhere. So at that point, I knew this event is something that I needed to go to.

And then I took a good look at the array of speakers who were invited to grace the event.

That's when I saw Nouman Ali Khan's name and face and I knew there and then that I definitely, 100%, NEEDED TO GO TO THE CONFERENCE. No ifs no buts I straight away purchased the tickets.

Guys, I don't know if you knew this before but I'm telling you now : I LOVE NOUMAN ALI KHAN. I mean that in the most fangirl way lol. I've been watching his videos since my early KY days and every single one of them has left me in awe of how wonderful the Quran is and how gifted he is with words. Nouman Ali Khan really has the trifecta of a great speaker : substance, style, and structure.

I've only seen him in real life once, in 2013. He came to Malaysia and gave a talk at Masjid Wilayah, KL and I went even though it was exactly one day before my IELTS test. I remember this because I still have the bookmark from the talk and I wrote an entry about his talk in my previous blog hehehe hashtag fangirl.

The conference took place yesterday at 10 a.m. at ExCeL London, which is all the way in Zone 3, and the most convenient way to get there is via DLR, which, let's be real, isn't the most convenient in the grand scheme of London. (At least it's not the Hammersmith & City line so we good haha)

And the itinerary told me that Nouman Ali Khan's segment was scheduled to be the last one, starting at 5 p.m. But due to London Marathon also taking place on the same day, his arrival was delayed and his speech didn't start until 6.50 p.m., causing the event to overrun.

Uhhh I commuted all the way to get to Zone 3 by 10 a.m. and stayed until late afternoon to hear my favourite Youtuber speaking? OF COURSE, no mountain is too high & no valley is too low for a fangirl.

So to be given the opportunity to see him in the flesh again yesterday was truly humbling, inspiring, and eye opening, as always. I don't mean to negate the excellence of the other high calibre speakers as well, because they're all fantastic in their own ways I can't stress that enough, but Nouman Ali Khan is the first Youtuber I've ever liked so my fangirl feels went over the roof yesterday.

At the end of his speech, he even gave us a tutorial on how to take pictures with him. He told us not to ask for permission before taking selfies because the answer's always No, so don't bother, just take the goddamn picture. He also admitted that he seems to make people feel intimidated & nervous near him, "maybe there's a Jinn, I don't know" hahahah, so he reminded everyone to get the camera app ready with the correct side of the camera and just snap away. He ended with, "Whoever takes a picture with me promises to memorise a page from the Quran before Ramadan,".


"And I don't mean the Al Fatihah page,"

Ugh how did he know?! (Kidding) (there's always the 3 Qul page hewhew)

Anyway, the crowd was downright mental. There was literally zero chance of me having a selfie or  a close up photo of him but that's fine, I came to terms with that even before coming to the event. Besides, pfsh, what's a photo compared to the speech he gave?



So far away you can barely make out the face but that's Nouman Ali Khan I swear

On a side note, I've always thought that Nouman Ali Khan looks like Ross from Friends. Come on, it cannot be just me who sees this resemblance...?

Came home when the sun had already set, feeling tired but madly inspired by the incredible speeches delivered at the conference. The conference was everything I needed to hear, and everything I never knew I needed to hear. Loved every. Single. Bit. Of it.

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