Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Rice Or Die

Ever since the discovery of my allergy to dairy products, I've been limited in the choice of food that my system can tolerate without pimples popping up the very next day. So I ended up being drawn to rice. I've always liked rice because uhh I'm Asian and Malay through and through, but now, I luuurrrvveee it! I eat rice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner guys. My life motto? Rice or die.


There's a slight problem with my rice overindulgence: I've been gaining weight at an alarming rate.

Alarming because whenever I call my family on Facetime, my little brother's default preamble is "Oi gemuk,". 

The other day he exclaimed, "Ya Allah ingatkan muka kakak bengkak!!! Rupanya pipi dah tembam," -_-

I used to point the finger to Winter and the merciless cold that comes with it for my overeating. "I need to build some fats! For insulation!!". But now that Spring is encroaching upon my life, I can no longer enjoy the impunity. I have to bear the responsibility now.....

But how do I stop eating rice when it's the love of my life and I have no will power whatsoever?!?

The other day my procrastination to study brought me to a healthy fried rice recipe video on Facebook. The recipe says it tastes like fried rice.... Except it's not exactly rice. The rice is replaced with cauliflower but cooked exactly the same way as fried rice. I had my doubts because one, I've had terrible experience with Facebook recipe videos before and two, I'm not a fan of cauliflower. 

But I was desperate to put an end to my little brother's jeers and sniggers, so I decided ah persetankan je, let's give this recipe a try. I replaced cauliflower for my favourite fried rice, nasi gows kamps*.


Let's not get into details about how it turned out but suffice to say I'm struggling to finish a wok worth of cauliflower gows kamps. There's a reason why I hate cauliflower.

Take it from me kids, never trust Facebook recipe videos. I'm gonna stick with Mama's recipes... for the rest of my life. As for my brother, I've come to terms with the fact that he will always taunt me, that's what siblings are for.

Most importantly, my life motto prevails. Rice or die.

A photo of nasi ayam penyet that I cooked some time ago sebagai hiasan

It makes me wonder, though, are recipe videos on Facebook designed to turn out awful? Or is it just me?? Am I just a lost cause when it comes to cooking???

*nasi goreng kampung

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