Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Not Enough Storage

Whoa, whoa, whoa. It's March 2017?! ALREADY?

Why is time moving incredibly fast?!

Argh this is too march for me!

I'm sorry I just had to hehehe. There's just..., something punny about March.

But man did February even happen? 

I remember Ulfah telling me that January's a trial month for 2017 and that 2017 is supposed to really start in February (hahaha bengong). The next thing I know is it's already March. What in the world.... They say that time flies when you're having fun, but I don't remember having too much fun in February that I didn't notice it rushing past me in great dollops.

What I do remember is starting a surgical rotation at the start of February. Surgery, of any kinds, is just not my cup of tea for a number of reasons. For starters, the operating theatres are like refrigerators on steroids, and wearing short sleeved scrub uniforms makes it ten times worse because my arms - my fragile, delicate, Malaysian arms - are not very tolerant of the cold. Some surgeries are short and sweet, but some are painfully long and dull that I don't find them very exciting. Besides, there's only so much appropriate topics you can talk about while cutting someone open and teasing out their fatty tissue. Before you know it, you've thoroughly canvassed the topics and the inevitable awkward silence befalls.... Hahaha. Surgeries require a certain level of hand dexterity and let's face it, my hands are rubbish.

The biggest no-no for me is that I look unattractive with a theatre hat on top of my head. I mean, I'm already not that attractive to begin with! It's the perfect recipe for Bad Hijab Day as it flattens my headscarf (unlikely to be salvageable afterwards). And it immediately draws everyone's attention to my sadly sparse eyebrows T.T

Rasa mcm pakai popiah haha

I managed to finish 2 KDramas. First one is Goblin. Second one is Misaeng, which I've written a post about and will publish it soon!! Hehehe.

Oh at some point in February I made ayam masak bali because Ulfah asked for it.

Ayam masak bali

Also made sayur masak apa pun taktahu lah hahaha

I remember taking a screenshot of Emma's Instagram post in February, which shall be filed under Emma And Her No Correlation Situations.

From diving to.... New camera? HAHAHA

If I were to describe Emma in a graphic form, this will be it :

Ulfah and I vandalised the comments section of Emma's Instagram post that in the end, she decided to delete that post altogether hahaha. Sometimes I feel bad for teasing & bullying her, but I can't help it, she's so bully-able!!! Hahaha.

Here's a throwback screenshot from last year to exemplify how bully-able Emma is haha

Not to worry, it's all good fun guys! Emma's not emotionally scarred or anything like that, I can assure you that.

What else? Oh! I spent a weekend in Cardiff with my best friend, Sappy!! 

You might remember her from this post.

I'm suuuuuper grateful for friends who are morning persons/people (? Grammar people, help!) like Sappy herself, because that means they start their day early and waste no time. Sappy and I arose early on Saturday morning. By 9am we were already standing in front of this cafe/bakery place called The Early Bird (so aptly named!) because Sappy wanted to have her favourite The Golden Ticket (french toast + cinnamon apples + salted caramel sauce) for breakfast.

My beautiful best friend, Sappy

We went to Cardiff's MNight later in the evening. I really wanted to maintain my MNight-baju kurung streak but I, unfortunately, forgot to bring any baju kurung from Malaysia this year :( The MNight was alright, I liked the one from 2015 a lot more but hey, maybe that's just me.

Bumped into an old friend from primary school!! 

Shh everyone keep quiet, Sappy tgh azan tu haha

Sappy cooked a lot when I was around! Ayam masak kicap. Potato sambal. Ubi keledek goreng. Not only did she feed me well, she also tolerated my singing along to the entire Goblin OST album (I even sang along to this hahaha) without once hinting me to shut up. Ugh. How did I get so lucky to have a gem as a best friend?

Our morning faces the next day, minutes before I left Cardiff

And I can't end this post without sharing some of the best things I've watched in February :

Big Bang's episodes on Weekly Idol, all three of them. Top's "yeaaah boooi" had me & Ulfah in stitches. I should warn you, though, not to watch these while having a meal because Ulfah made me watch them over dinner and I almost choked on my food because of uncontrollable laughter.

Captain Fantastic. It's a thought provoking movie about parenting. I made Mina watch this, and afterwards we took it to WhatsApp for an in depth discussion & shared our views about what makes good/bad parenting practices from the movie. And its rendition of Sweet Child O Mine is other-worldly, my ears were very much delighted. Bottomline being, Captain Fantastic is as its title suggests - fantastic - and I highly recommend everyone to watch it!

Last but definitely not least, Mat Luthfi did it again!! His videos, while comical, always connote deeper messages that most Malaysians can take home & contemplate on. The latest one is genius :


  1. You sure it's macam pakai popiah? Think you meant kopiah. And lol at the pun...!

    1. Oh yesss I meant kopiah! Hahaha. Nampak sgt lapar when I was writing this post. Good job spotting that! ;)