Monday, 6 February 2017

Tourist Guide

One of the perks of studying in London is there's almost never a shortage of guests to host because people come here all. The. Time. From other parts of the UK, from the US, from Aussie, from Malaysia. I instinctively assume the responsibility of making their stay in London the best traveling experience yet, which involves putting my Tourist Guide cap on and revisiting touristy spots again and again and again and no, it doesn't get boring. Every single time is refreshingly fun with different people :)

But it's a load of pressure to be honest, because I feel like London doesn't have that much to offer to begin with - I mean, it's a big city with nice buildings, sure, and that's about it. What else is there? I want to brag about the transportation system but who does that???

"I never have to wait more than 4 minutes for the Central line, talk about efficiency," (flares nostrils) (ignores the fact that the Hammersmith & City line doesn't even tell when the next train is coming, in 5 minutes? 10 minutes? Wallahu'alam). Uhhh not fab.

So I end up squeezing every last drop of London's juice by hyping things up with facts & trivia that I'm sure half of the world already knows. 

Like, "Oh you probably thought London Bridge is the pretty one but tetttt you're wrong. It's actually Tower Bridge. London Bridge is just another typical, boring bridge,".

Or, "Big Ben is actually the name of the bell itself, y'know. The tower is called Elizabeth Tower," (cue my intelligent smug face).

The hyping strategy, and also praying hard that the sun comes out for the love of God!!! It incurs great damage to my reputation when I have to constantly apologise for London's gloomy weather & convince my guests that "London's actually gorgeous ok it's just a bad day we all have bad days,".

Shaza ft Tower Bridge

Shaza ft Big Ben (love this photo for some unknown reason!)

I hereby dedicate the song Tolong Tepi Sikit to the uncle who's blocking the view

Ezryn & Shaza ft Oxford Street's Christmas lights!

To buy or not to buy; that is the question -Soliloquy of a millennial.

Here's my friend from primary school, Fat! We go waaaay back.

Fat & her family at Hyde Park

We used to be the same height. But she grew up, I grew sideways...

Najah & Mahi, who are my friends from MRSM, and Tini, their friend from Aussie

Mahi and myself

Breaking ribs from laughter & eating ribs for lunch at Big Moe's Diner. These girls brought sunshine to a cloudy day


  1. Thank you for the fun facts! I didn't know (most of) them hehehe. And....HOW ARE YOUR PHOTOS SO GORGEOUS ALL THE TIME AGHHHH

    1. No worries Amal :) And that's very very very kind of you!! Gorgeous friends make gorgeous photos so really it's them you should be singing praises to hahah, but on behalf of my gorgeous friends, thank you! :D