Tuesday, 21 February 2017

14. Home

Home is where the fridge is always full.

Home is where the wifi connects automatically.

Home is where I'm most comfortable to take a dump & pee (I avoid public toilets to the best of my abilities).

Home is where my siblings' neverending rows take place, where I preside as the peacemaker.

Home is where my relatives & I tease, insult, and make self deprecating jokes about each other.

Home is where Nenek lies down and beckons me to massage her feet.

Home is when I make a bolt for the freezer and take out the meat-filled ice cream box and pray to God that every traffic light turns red on Mama's way home.

Home is when people at a kenduri reckon me as the youngest of my siblings because I'm the shortest.

Home is when I throw my hands up in chagrin as my siblings' yells go on and on, but never will I give them up as a lost cause.

Home is when I slam the door shut one night and open it again the next morning, in silent reconciliation with Mama.

Home is where Atuk smiles and waves and says, "Teh tarik satu,".

Home is when I ring them on Facetime, and the iPad gets passed around because no one wants to talk to me at 6.30 pm on a weekday. Apparently a Malay drama on TV3 > me -_- And even when I phone at a different time, there'll be the usual banter "Siapa delete cerita yg Mama record?!".

Home is where my little cousins are, crouching behind a sofa in a game of Hide & Seek, or perched in front of Upin & Ipin, or in a circle with their feet pointing to one common spot as one of them sings Din din din, aladdin.

Home is where my cousin Kak Aisyah's shrill voice fills the space, "Miqdad meh sini pakai bajuuu,"

Home is when my younger brother greets me with his default "Oi gemuk. Tengok tu, pipi je dah makan separuh screen ipad ni ha,"

Bonus :

My MOSTTTT favourite video on Youtube. SO. CUUUUTE!! Especially her, "One day I'm gonna whistle?" at 1:48.

6 years later, and now she can whistle!!!!! My heart!!!!! :')

What/where/who/when is your home?


  1. home can be a person, too. sometimes.

    but my home is anywhere my family is. i get to be myself and i get to spend time around the people i dont mind jumping in front of a speeding train for - so yes, home is anywhere my family is. but sometimes home can be anywhere my favourite books are, too. it's a different kind of home - i get to be my quietest, most obsessive and psycho self, so books are good too. but i haven't met a single person i can call my home. a group of friends, yes, but not one person. yet.

    and i responded to your comment again, because i wasn't happy with my earlier reply - i think too much omg but it keeps me sane so..ahaha.

    1. "I get to be myself" I can definitely chime in there. Ultimately, home is a place/time/person you're most comfortable in your own skin isn't it! :)

  2. I can certainly feel the warmth of this post hehe anyway wanna comment pasal Reality Changers tu omg you follow them too? Home was the first vid of Reality Changers that I had come across upon many years ago and time tu Alexa and Elena were so tiny and Jeorge was still very much divorced to Nancy. I'm so happy that he remarried his wife!!!!

    1. No I don't really follow their videos. I've only watched some of their covers and Home is hands down THE BEST THING I'VE EVER WATCHED ON YOUTUBE. I know about Jeorge being divorced to Nancy but didn't know they remarried!!!! Omg that's incredible!! Dyou think I should start subscribing to their videos??

    2. Yuppp they remarried last year and now they're pregnant with their third child :D Life is amazing. I dah lama tak follow their youtube so i cant comment much on their content but I'm pretty sure it'll be nice to follow such a warm and happy family. But I do follow Jeorge on instagram though haha. Love his posts!