Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Not Enough Storage

(Decided to just ditch the digits at the end of my Not Enough Storage series because I foresee myself losing count at some point in the future anyway haha)

Come everyone, near and far, come come.

We are all gathered here to welcome a new member to the family with open arms.

That's right, guys, I've successfully lured Mama into the wonderful abyss of KDramaland. I feel like I've just completed my share of fardu kifayah #donedakwah hahah. I'm overjoyed and proud beyond words, because man, will you just look. At. THAT! Mama's all grown up now, I'm not crying you're crying :') Ahhh. Group hug, avid KDrama-goers!!! It took plenty of effort to not smile so widely when I read Mama's message whilst in clinics with a consultant yesterday afternoon.

Kids, this is why you shouldn't play with your phone in clinics....

Oh right, speaking of clinics and consultant, I'm now doing a different module at a different hospital placement. This time around the uni sent me to an exile outside London.

There were a lot of worries that arose when it finally dawned on me that I was going to have to be out of London for several months, but my main concern was

how do I live without Ulfah?!

The morning of my departure, I zoomed through the flat in my frantic search of all my essentials, punctuated occasionally by Ulfah's "Your oil cleanser!" and "Rice cooker!" etc., like the human form of Reminder app that she is.

And then I told her I couldn't find my glasses.

She nonchalantly said, "Dalam beg you,".

I told her that I'd already looked in my bag but they weren't there but I looked again anyway to prove her wrong but lo and behold, there my glasses were, tucked in one of the small compartments inside.

I recount this anecdote to illustrate one point and that is : How do I live without Ulfah?!

Anyway, it's so different here compared to London. For one, there's a lack of auditory stimulation. No police or ambulance siren going off every 10 minutes, no distinct whoosh sound of tubes storming by, no constant reminder to "Mind the gap,". The hospital that I'm now attached to is so much bigger than the previous one, with far fewer students. It differs from the previous hospital in many ways, but I'm still adjusting & trying to familiarise myself with how they roll here, but

so good.

Get itttttt?

Sofa, so good?


Here, let me show you the view from the window in my room.

The sun says Hello! Annyeong, sun.

Yesterday's exceptionally thick fog made for a rather sinister view

Turns out it is possible to live without Ulfah, it's just no fun.

But not to worry as I can always go back to London on the weekend, like the one just recently, the one where I - actually, Ulfah and I both - spent the majority portion of under the duvet.

Weekend situation. My movie was on another tab, this educational tab was solely to mollify the guilt of not getting any studying over the weekend haha

She also cooked ayam masak kismis for me!!! Ulfah is capable of various good meals, but I'm telling you, her ayam masak kismis is a clear winner because

How can it not be when it looks THAT good and guys, it tastes EVEN BETTER?

My relatives had yet another one of their far too many get-togethers.

Not keeping score of how many I've missed for the past 7 years (since my boarding school MRSM days), but it doesn't get easier :( Still hurts every time I see photos of them all fun and smiles with a deficiency of Vitamin Me. They also had a collective birthday celebration for the January babies, commemorated with our family tradition of pouring fragrance powder all over the birthday boys & girls!

Atuk rocking that Geisha look, and Nenek in her unmistakable element of Wardrobe Mismatch Syndrome

I find it amusing how we never get tired of wasting one whole bottle of fragrance powder for every birthday celebration, but ahhh I guess every family has their own tradition thing going on, be it for birthdays or Christmas or Chinese New Year, anything really. What's yours?

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