Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Not Enough Storage 2.0

Some time ago I came up with a blogpost spurred by my camera roll clearing spree. I've decided to adopt that very same idea, so here's the second instalment! Haha.

Despite my complaints about Scarlet Heart : long name drama and Baekhyun's substandard delivery of Wang Eun's character, I was actually excited when I saw the 'Which Scarlet Heart prince is your soulmate' quiz on Soompi! Ulfah and I did it at the same time on our own phones. Tension ran high, and then I shrieked in glee because

I got Wang Eun!!! Yayyyy hehehe

Can't remember now which prince did Ulfah get, but not Wang Eun. Ngeheh.

My fate crossed that of another furry friend!

The cat's soooo manja!

Don't know if you remember, but at the end of this blogpost I hinted that Emma was coming to London. And it happened, of course, KHouse reunion happened!!!

I didn't have to beg my way to get them to strike the showtime pose!!! :')

After my exam the other day, I decided that I deserve some kind of reward so I cooked some nasi lemak! Okay well maybe I just wanted an excuse to cook nasi lemak, whatever, haha. I even gave some to my friend Jane, who has a great liking for Malaysian food, she loved it. Hehe.


My aunt went to Langkawi and brought my grandparents along, there was this one day that the Whatsapp group was bombarded with adorable photos of Atuk & Nenek. I couldn't help smiling the whole day!!

Nenek back at it again with her Wardrobe Mismatch Syndrome, aisehmen


Like every winter break, Ulfah went back to Malaysia. If you say the sentence 'Ulfah went back to Malaysia' fast, it sounds a lot like 'depriving Sheera of a trusted KPop buddy and letting her rot in loneliness in London'. Try it. The day before she flew back, we spent the day together roaming around London, watching the city in its Christmas spirits.

That's the spirit!

My winter break was spent mostly at home. To be more specific, in my room. To be even more specific, in my bed under the duvet in various inappropriate positions as I flipped page after page of the Harry Potter books.

A few times in between I went out to see some friends. I met with Farah one lovely morning for breakfast, over which we talked about everything under the sun. It was delightful, love love love meaningful conversations!

Also went to this Indonesian restaurant called Warung Padang with Hadri, Najwa, and Shaza Pizza to try their ayam penyet.


Dinner with Marc and Syafiq was another enjoyable affair! I remember laughing till I almost cried one moment and feeling sombre the next moment as we vented about our lives. Ahh.

Oh! Ji Chang Wook photos that I took from Instagram, hehehe. I didn't delete them of course - my phone can never have enough Ji Chang Wook photos - but I thought I'd show my man off here because he's a great actor; he's handsome, humble, funny, and he looks a lot like my future husband. Coincidence? I think not.
Love him with his hair up

Love him with his hair down!

And here comes the highlight of my winter break.

Drumrolls please.


I picked her up at the airport with a banner, heheh. And then we spent few days being tourists around London. Loved having her around!! And after living with me for 3 days, I caught her humming the OST of my life hehehehehe :B

Much love from yours faithfully! Take care, guys! :)

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