Sunday, 22 January 2017

Hyung & Kimi No Na Wa

Annyeong, yeoreobun! :) How's everyone doing?

As I'm writing this I'm just past the midday mark of Sunday. My weekend so far has been laid back - both literally and figuratively, I've been under the duvet for God knows how long haha. I feel like I've squeezed every drop of energy out of my body throughout the week in the hospital, that came the weekend, I kind of lost all desire for independent movement. At this rate I might as well assume the existence of a hibernating bear, what with the chilly temperatures!

I watched 2 movies back to back and suffice to say the long hours I spent under the duvet were not wasted and I'll tell you why.

The first movie I watched was Hyung.

I picked this for one reason and one reason only and that's Kyungsoo - my mushy, squishy, adorbs penguin Kyungsoo. By the time the credits rolled, however, there were plenty more reasons I loved the movie.

First and foremost, ugh Kyungsoo-ya you've really outdone yourself, this is the best acting you've delivered so far methinks. I sound like a proud mother (wipes tears of joy) but how can I not, I've seen Kyungsoo slowly building his acting portfolio from minor roles to main ones. It's like planting seeds of longevity in the industry and reaping sweeter, riper fruits with each fruiting season. My Kyungsoo is on his way to be a massive star in the industry!! But it would be unfair to throw accolades and confettis on Kyungsoo alone when what made the movie so entertaining to watch was largely due to his undeniable chemistry with Jung Seok. They're both indubitably great actors, but when they're put together, damn, they worked synergistically. This combo is truly a thousand, gajillion times greater than the sum of its parts.

Hyung features dark comedy that slowly metamorphoses into a tearjerking story of brotherly love. I found myself trying to stifle a tear more than once as I was moved by their off-the-charts bromance. The storyline itself isn't something out of the world to be honest, it's not mind-boggling to the point that it haunts you for days on end, no. It's your typical sport-themed epic tied in with family tale, two tropes that have been recycled to a certain extent in motion pictures, but in Hyung they were explored in a way that pulls at the heartstrings with just enough tension. Add a decent screenplay and a pair of competent directing hands to that and you now have a recipe for a movie that warms the heart and the eyes.

The second movie was an anime titled Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name).

I have never watched any kinds of anime in my whole life, ever, until today. What an exquisite movie Kimi No Na Wa is, from the animation to the storytelling. The movie swings back and forth between concrete jungle of the city and mountain shrines of the country as it explores and sends the Freaky Friday concept to an untouched, celestial territory. The juxtaposition of modern and traditional, science and superstition, past and present, male and female, day and night, reiterated throughout the movie was soooo refreshing, I've never experienced something quite like that in any other movies before.

Kimi No Na Wa delicately illustrates one point, that is, love transcends the dimensions that we humans occupy. It is not here nor there, it is somewhere in between. That kataware doki scene of violet twilight where the juxtapositions collide was exceptionally beautiful. And to see the two leads being reduced to no trail of memory but a mere sense of longing, a dumbfounded desperation for someone, for something, God, the pain was brutal. You know the phrase so close, yet so far? Never has it rung truer than in this movie.

"Dreams fade away after you wake up." as Mitsuha's grandmother puts it, but not this movie, man. This movie will enchant me in a trance-like state for awhile.

Guys, there's only a couple of movies involving time manipulation that I managed to enjoy - About Time, a British movie, and Signal, my second favourite KDrama ever - but let me tell you, Kimi No Na Wa is definitely up there in the list. Go watch, please!

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