Wednesday, 6 December 2017


I've just started a new module consisting of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry. The way it works is that we'd have a week of just lectures at uni, before we go on to start our placements at hospitals. With other previous modules I've done, the lectures have always been organised such that each week is dedicated to only one specialty of medicine. Like, 1 week of Obs & Gynae lectures. 1 separate week of Paeds lectures. But this time around, the Neuro and Psych lectures are all mixed up, and it's not doing very good to my brain. Because I have a very much compartmentalised way of thinking, you know?

Like in exams, I love that our questions are separated and grouped together under clear headings, for example there are 30 questions under the Cardiorespiratory heading. I like that because the headings sort of put me in my Cardiorespiratory frame of mind and prompt me to go down the Cardiorespiratory way of thinking, does that make sense? I recall things and am able to think better that way, because the heading gives me somewhere to start.

Give me 100 random questions of Cardiorespiratory and Renal and Urology and Endocrine jumbled up together, my brain would possibly shut down haha okay maybe not quite literally shut down, but potentially go into haywire, and I'd get stressed out about it. As if exam stress & time constraint aren't enough to put me in overdrive mood...

I get that the school is trying to get us away from the simplified, short cut way of thinking and to encourage more holistic approach to clinical scenarios, because it better reflects real clinical practice. I get that in real life patients can have problems involving more than one biological systems, and there are no headings levitating above each patient's head to give me a clue as to what's gone wrong. I get that. I just.... find it quite difficult.

Doesn't help that I find Psychiatry rather arbitrary. It's like wishy washy, in that there are no objective blood tests or imaging modalities or anything that can give definitive diagnoses. Also, everything in Psychiatry sounds a little too much like... me? Hahah. I can't go through a lecture without thinking "Omg same!!" every 3 slides or so.

Medical elective isn't until my final year, which is a year away (if everything goes well, inshaAllah), but we already had a talk on it few days ago so that we can start planning for our elective. We're urged to go abroad, especially places that are completely different to the UK on the culture, healthcare system, health belief fronts, so that we can hopefully come back more appreciative of the NHS haha. A part of me wants to go back to Malaysia so I won't have to think about accommodation & food and I'll get to spend time with family & friends and it's cheaper, 

but a part of me also wants to take advantage of this opportunity to travel somewhere exciting because when else will I have this chance, right?!

And you already know where I really, really want to go.....


Think about it, I'm not just going to travel and stock up on my skincare products and visit KDrama locations and splurge on KPop merchandise, I'm possibly going to immerse myself in the whole plastic surgery cult of South Korea. It's like bringing to life something that I've only seen or read in news/articles/KDramas.

And who knows maybe, maaaaybe I'll find my jodoh there?!?!?

Okay yang tu over gils I have to admit

but I won't be going just for fun?? It'll be a great learning experience, no?? I'll leave Korea having gained a new perspective and widened horizon as a medical student and possibly as a person too?? 

At the moment I'm hesitating because ugh, just thinking about having to plan and sort out itineraries, accommodation, looking up application process, researching the system, getting relevant immunisation jabs, travel insurance, etc. etc. is already giving me a headache. And then there's the language barrier, which I fear would hamper the learning process.

Idk. I'm kinda scared.

Should I?

From a photography point of view, I've always been more attracted to nature rather urban cityscapes, and because of that, New Zealand has always been a dream place to go to. Omg Zorro and I would have the ABSOLUTE best time there but to go there for a medical elective?? Not completely unheard of, but not so common either.

Ahhh idk. 

Should I??

If anyone has done a medical elective (or anything of that sort) in South Korea or New Zealand (or anywhere, really), care to share your experience? I would really, really appreciate any insight into it!

Oh and guess who bingewatched a KDrama (entitled Circle) in less than 48 hours?! MEEEEE! No regrets though because it's so so good. You know, good KDramas come and go, but sometimes brilliant ones come and leave an indelible mark in your life. Circle belongs to the latter, definitely. Ahhhh can't wait to write about it when time permits and when I finally iron out my chaotic thoughts about it.

Saturday, 2 December 2017

King's Cross Tunnel

How have I just recently found out about this tunnel when it's existed for more than 3 years now?!?!

Thursday, 30 November 2017

God's Own Junkyard

Bright neon lights, in my book, are only ok if there's an akak donning tudung bawal selempang and short sleeved tshirt by my side, ready to take my tomyam order. Otherwise they're obnoxious and unbearable.

Yet I found myself in this little neon wonderland one weekend...

God's Own Junkyard is this warehouse full of dazzling neon lights, signages, and shimmering disco balls. If you're a fan of anything & everything neon, then this might just be your definition of paradise! They don't allow big cameras inside unfortunately, only phone photography allowed. So I only managed to snap photos (using Zorro) from the entrance.

Since I was alone I had to work up the nerve to get a stranger to take a photo of myself. I'm actually really shy in person ok. Also this photo looks fake, like I've been photoshopped onto the picture, haha! But I'm telling you, it's real, it's just that the stranger cropped out my legs so I look like I've been cut out from a different photo and pasted onto this one lol

Me : I'm waiting for my man
Also me : (runs for the fire exit when a guy so much as breathes in my direction)

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Not Enough Storage

Went to the annual potluck dinner held by the Malaysian Society. My 4th potluck dinner with them, that was. Can you believe it?! I can't. 4th!! Crazy how time flies innit, and how most of my friends (Ulfah, Najwa, Amira) aren't here anymore. I looked at half of the faces there that night and thought quietly to myself...... Who the heck are these people?! But not to worry, all was well. Cooked a potful of nasi gors kamps, which everyone loved, alhamdulillah.

I had a GREAT time charming everyone with my one & only talent - teka teki. Everyone was united in agreement that I am indeed the Queen of Teka Teki, but the unity was broken when someone decided to ask "Okay guys. Crispy apam balik or fluffy apam balik?".


Felt like I used up a week's worth of social interaction quota and consumed a week's worth of meals in one single night, went to bed later that night feeling like absolute crap. This is why I'm not a big fan of social events haha!

With the baby medics + my rice pot haha

Amir, Nyla, and I had our own mini photoshoot because the photographer wasn't ready yet

Me and my blog readers hahaha from last year's potluck dins! MISS YOU GUYSSSS T.T

Fruits, especially kiwis, bananas, and (seedless) (red) grapes, make me the happiest. And this fruit stall is one of my happiest places in London. Should anyone ever struggle to find a present for me, please, a basket of bananas is the way to my heart.

How glorious is this photo?! My heart swells just from looking at it



I wish I'm more consistent with taking photos of my cooking, but ain't nobody got time to take photos when my tummy is aching in hunger and the dishes are piling up in the sink!

Nasi ayam hehe

Kari ayam with no santan yaaas

Had Korean chicken wings at this place called Wing Wing with Izzy for late lunch, which felt more like an early dinner to be honest because it was already so dark when we got there even though it was only 3 p.m....

Izzy made me watch this show called Who Is Next and got me hooked......

I'm soooo happy that Park Min Young won the Best Celebrity award at Asia Artist Awards for her performance in Seven Day Queen. SO WELL DESERVED! And she looked drop dead gorgeous in that bridal dress, I went all heart eyes emoji!

Emma & Sheera's Adventures continued as we took on London Designer Outlet & Bicester Village!

The guy manning the platform was kind enough to offer to take our photo together! You can see his shadow in the photo haha

Some screenshots that

Made me think

Made me laugh

Made me feel horrendous inside because this was supposed to be cute but my mind's fully occupied with revision for exam that all I could see was thalidomide embryopathy....

Speaking of exam,

Took this while walking to the library (because I can't, for the life of me, do any revision in my own room). Shaky a bit because it was coooolldddddd and my hands were shivering

I crack up whenever I see this at the hospital

Went into a fitting room to perform my prayer the other day but the lighting was nice, couldn't help myself hewhew

From that time I went to Columbia Road Flower Market with Izzy & Hana

What else?


I watched Coffee Prince!!!!!

Why didn't anyone tell me to watch this sooner?!? Loved it loved it loved itttt!! Some parts were undeniably cringey, but given that it's a 2007 drama, I let it slide. But other than that, this drama made me sooo happy and smitten and over the moon it's ridiculous! At times hilarious and cheeky and fun, other times poignant and contemplative and insightful; it's no wonder that people refer to Coffee Prince as a classic in KDramaland. It made me miss being in love and talking on the phone late at night and having a significant other serenading me as a wake up call haih it made me miss missing, you know?

It's the first KDrama with crossdressing trope that I didn't have to exert much effort to suspend my disbelief in order to buy the premise, because Yoon Eun Hye stripped herself of every shred of vanity and completely lived in the skin of the Go Eun Chan character; artless and frank. I like the conflict that she and Choi Han Kyul had to go through after they've established their relationship, about being at different points of their lives and having different priorities. I think it's a realistic hurdle that couples actually go through in real life and not just some artificial problem manufactured by the writer for the sake of stringing the episodes along.

Above everything, I came out of this drama as a full-fledged Gong Yoo Fangirlism convert.

Look, Gong Yoo ages like a fine wine, I think we can all agree on this. I liked the ahjussi aura that he exuded in Goblin but I didn't love him, not yet at that time. But his youthful character in Coffee Prince was something else, it's almost as if that character was written solely for him, because there's nothing short of phenomenal in how he delivered Choi Han Kyul. That scene at the beach when he battled with himself to hug Go Eun Chan?! Tore me apart, that one :'(

Ughhh cute!!!!


No worries, it was just a phase! I'm now back to waiting for my OG oppa to return from his enlistment! Ji Chang Wook-ssi, hurry home I miss you huhu.

Romantic Teacher Doctor Kim is another kdrama that I managed to finish! It's alright. I think one of the curses of being a medical student is that I can no longer enjoy medical based movies/series/dramas, because more often than not, the glaring inaccuracies are difficult to ignore. I also have a problem with how medicine is always depicted as surgery, blood, and gore on the media. And then there's always a surgeon who comes along in a dramatic fashion to save the day, bring the patient back to life, cue applause and mouths left agape by spectating members of healthcare. I can't simply watch shows that serve these things when I know in my heart that that's not how it is in real life, that medicine is more than just surgeries. But yeah, guess that's the curse of being in the medical field, boo me.

As a result, I tend to shy away from medical shows. But not this drama because one of the male leads (Yoo Yeon Seok) looks like Sehun, hahaha. However shallow that may sound, I felt somewhat obligated to continue watching, all while cringing and rolling my eyes and screaming at the anomalies and how grandiose every episode is (CPR in every episode, guys...). But I have to commend Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim for trying to address some ethical issues, and Episode 19 I find particularly well executed. Yoo Yeon Seok's portrayal of Kang Dong Joo's inner conflict - whether to look at his father's death from a patient's point of view or a doctor's point of view - is sublime that I could feel his frustration acutely :'(

The romance, though scarce, had me squeaaaaling, especially this scene :

More stuff that I've watched :

AMAZING, AMAZING MOVIE!!!! I think I've really taken a fancy to the sageuk genre, especially when it's done really well 

Oh my God this Taiwanese movie had me and Emma laughing and crying soooooo much (mostly me crying, while Emma had fun filming me crying....). Such a feel good movie pls everyone watch this if you have the time, you won't regret it!

Remember how much I loved and adored Age of Youth?! And how much I wanted an extra episode? God heard me and gave me an extra whole new season!!!! Thanks God you da  #ustazahSheera :') Personally prefer the first one, but this second season isn't too bad. I mean, it's satisfying to see every character having their own growth and trajectory, and to think that they're at completely different points of life now compared to where they were in the first season just gives me that dose of faith that life, indeed, works in mysterious ways. And this second season has a better set of OSTs methinks! My favourite is this one. I'm bitter still about not getting my Ji Won's love story, feel like I've been scammed, it's like the writer was just stringing me along the episodes, conditioning me to stick with the drama for the little Ji Won-Sung Min cute interactions, only to NOT give me a proper reward that I deserve in the end. Um rude. But hey at least my questions about Ji Won's bizarre symptoms in the first season were answered in this season. And my Belle Epoque girls are still fun and loveable, flaws notwithstanding.

I literally just finished watching Because This Is Life Is Our First a few hours ago. While I find the last couple of episodes unnecessarily angsty and frustrating because I can't see to eye to eye with Ji Ho with regards to her idea of love & marriage and her approach to the conflict, on the whole I really enjoyed watching this drama. A simple storyline on paper, but the writing, the acting, the directing, the musical cues are all done thoughtfully and each element blends so seamlessly with one another, making it an unforgettable drama of 2017. Don't know if I should dedicate an entire post to review this, I want to because I loved it, but I feel like writing about it at length will tarnish that experience because I'll be prone to nitpicking its tiniest flaws and crush its self esteem haha!

I'm a simple person. I like a song, I listen to it for days on end until I find a new song to obsess over. At the moment, Red Velvet's Peek-A-Boo is on endless loop.