Monday, 5 December 2016

Iceland Video

I finally got around to editing my videos from Iceland! Here you go, guys. Enjoy the shaky views, antics, obnoxious laughter, mispronunciation, and 6am art indulgence by yours truly.

Also, I finally attempted my first double exposure!

Ulfah ft Þingvellir National Park 

Not that impressive if I'm being honest but that's okay because I'm still learning hehe.

And oh my God, remember my revelation about salmon not being orange on the outside? I recently discovered another salmon fact.

Ulfah told me that salmon is actually pronounced with a silent L, as in, \ˈsa-mən\.

What. The. Actual -

I've been pronouncing it sal-mən my whole life!!!

I -

I need a moment.

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