Sunday, 11 December 2016

Come Rain Or Shine

I haven't been writing as frequent as I hope to, and this time it's not because of my laziness. It's also not because I have nothing to blog about, because there are loads, and hitherto they've been happening in rather rapid succession leaving little to no time at all for me to write. Unfortunately, I am not gifted with an endless stream of words that I can easily whip up a post in a 5-minute sitting. When I write I usually have to sit down and mull over my choice of words for hours, and then comes the stage where I get hit by pangs of frustration as I realise that my vocabulary is terribly limited. Most of my posts are fated to be drafts miserably ever after. A select few make it to see the outside world, but even then I'd furiously hit the Edit button multiple times and fuss about the grammatical errors. 

Like I said, I've got plenty of things to blog about, one of them being I went out to take photos! Haha. What's new??

Despite my fabulous offer ("Don't you want a new profile picture??") Ulfah refused to go out with me yesterday evening, because it was raining and she actually just got back from some shopping. So it was just me, Zorro, and London.

Except, it wasn't just me, Zorro, and London. It felt like the entire mankind from all over the world decided to rendezvous at Piccadilly Circus for some kind of get together that I wasn't informed of. Honestly. I heard people speaking in all sorts of foreign languages, some of them moving in tight-knit groups unified by fear of losing each other in the mad ocean of humans. And then there was the rain some more. Not like it was raining cats and dogs or anything like that, it was more of a kittens and puppies kind of rain, but still. 

Couldn't get any more London than that I suppose.

'Tis that time of the year!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Took hundredssss of photos, most of them were either blurry like this one

Or shaky like this one

Or stalker-ish like this one haha

At first I found the rain drops on my lens annoying, but then I realised that they added some bokeh into my photos so I thought that gave a magical feel

This morning I was up early and left the house before the sun rose - nope, not to go to the hospital and take histories from patients before the consultants come around - to see St Paul's Cathedral at sunrise. Not sure if I mentioned this before; St Paul's Cathedral is my favourite building in London! And St Paul's Cathedral from the rooftop of One New Change building is my favourite view of all of London!!!

It was a complete opposite of yesterday evening. The roads were deserted it made London look like a total ghost town, I could recklessly cross the roads without having to worry about being run over. The sky was forget-me-not blue, some clouds here and there but mostly clear. Sun ascended slowly, its glorious shine illuminating the city skyline. Apart from some of the bar/restaurant workers cleaning up, I pretty much had the rooftop all to myself. So quiet, so strangely tranquil, in other words, so unlike London, but it was London.

Me, Zorro, and St Paul's Cathedral




Haih. London, come rain or shine, you're always picturesque.


  1. My god the second batch photos are just jawdropping!!!!!! Lawaaaa u___u

    1. Awww Ammelia that's way too kind of you!! >.< Thank you thank you thank you! The lighting was gorgeous that morning that's why, haha

  2. what are you talking about "limited" you use the most fancy words so well it makes me feel inadequate!!!!! hehehe

    1. Omg Amal I read other people's blogs (including yours!) and I get blown away by their writings! At times it can get demotivating also to the point that I'm just ashamed to write anything at all! Haha. But then I realised that the only way to get better at writing is to keep writing hehe