Tuesday, 15 November 2016

PSA (Public Service Announcement) (Not Prostate Specific Antigen)

Hi there! This is Shahirah's PR team. We regret to inform you that Shahirah is currently buried under an avalanche of things that are keeping her away from her blog. Such is the life of a medical student, ok? We'd appreciate your kind understanding of her current circum-

Hahaha must be so cool to have a PR team to write a blog post for me!! No seriously, think about it. How convenient would it be to have someone else blog for me?! I can just lie in bed and close my eyes and talk and that person would write by my voice dictation. But oh wait, on second thought, he/she wouldn't know about how many exclamation marks, or how many ha in my laugh, or which Baekhyun meme to insert. Ugh you know what, never mind then.

I haven't blogged in aaaaages, and I feel terrible about it, I really do.

So hi, you! :) How have you been? Have you been eating & drinking well? Going to the toilet okay? Any blood at all in your stool? Sausagey or porridgey stool? Passing wind? Any weight loss?

Ah, sorry, I forgot that I'm not taking a history from a patient, which is just about the only thing I've been doing day in day out for what feels like forever. I've also seen enough bum surgeries to last me a lifetime. So yeah, there's that.

On top of that, I had a submission deadline that I was racing against, for a work that I could have completed in 1 day but I've been putting it off for weeks haha. I went well beyond the word count limit, and at first I thought ah persetankan je but a kind senior advised me against it, so I had to sit down & pull my hair out because I didn't know which part of my work to edit out. EVERYTHING SEEMED IMPORTANT. Alhamdulillah in the end I managed to somehow cut it down considerably & get that work out of the way but I am now a baldhead with a carpet of hair.

Kidding! :B

What else? Oh!! I went to Iceland (!!!!!!!). More on that in a separate post but suffice to say that I am considering the prospect of migrating to and settling down in Iceland. The plan now is not just to get a Korean man to fall in love with me, but also a Korean man to fall head over heels in love, like, fall so, so, SO hard for me that he's willing to move to Iceland for me hehe.

Like I said, Iceland deserves its own gigantic post but here's a teaser :

Gulfoss, Iceland

Moving on.

My best friend Sappy came down from Wales!!! She wanted to see Wicked the play. Since I've never seen a theatrical play before in my life (Bangsawan and MNight don't count ok), I went along with her (in my hospital outfit, so skema).

Wicked was... pretty wicked!! (see what I did there) (hehe)

Loved it, especially the stage lighting and the props but above that, loved spending time with Sappy! We haven't seen each other for so long that it was about time for my much needed dose of Sappy lovin'. She's funny without intending to be and adorable and we're on the same wavelength when it comes to humour. I felt 17 again with Sappy around, albeit just for a short while. Exchanged promises of seeing each other again whenever life permits.

This is one of the many reasons I love Sappy. She never turns down my requests for doing dumb things like smiling for the CCTV camera.

Last but by no means the least, guess who will be coming to London next?


Can you smell that?!

No, not that, I mean can you smell the impending KHouse Reunion?! :D She asked me & Ulfah if there's anything we want from Malaysia :

Can't. Wait.

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