Sunday, 23 October 2016


The nurses at the Endoscopy unit are my favourite lot at the hospital. They always seem genuinely happy whenever I pop around, one of them actually slapped my butt as a way of welcoming me into the procedure room haritu hahah. We're pretty much chums now ok, don't mess. There are also a couple of FY1s that I tend to gravitate to because they're super friendly and they explain things really well to me they sign loads of things off my logbook for me hehe. And a few other people who make my days at the hospital a tiny bit brighter by smiling at me & asking me if I'm alright & teasing me, even if they don't get my name quite right - Shakira, Sara, who cares. 

I was waiting in front of the hospital for my bus ride home the other day when this little girl - probably 4 or 5 years old - tried to get on the seat at the bus stop, but failed, because she's short. So I picked her up and carefully put her on the seat. She was shy, but she smiled a small smile. Then the bus came, she said Goodbye to me. But I told her that I was getting on the same bus. Instead of being awkward after having said Goodbye, she just beaaamed with joy, and her shy smile was then replaced with this huge toothy grin plastered across her face, and she told me "I'm sitting next to you in the bus!" which I believe is another way of saying Friendship Starting In 3, 2, 1.

My heart just... Melted. 

Also, there's another new friend that I made at the hospital just last Friday.

This new one's a bit different than the others.

This new one doesn't speak much, doesn't greet me with a smile and "You alright, Shahirah?".

This new one's got fur. And whiskers. And tail.


You have to understand. It's fairly uncommon to see stray cats just freely roaming around here in the UK like they do in Malaysia, and I've been deprived of feline companionship ever since I got here, so my happiness just went off the charts when I saw this kitty walking its sexy catwalk past me while I was having lunch on a bench. Therefore, excuse me as I express my jakunness in the form of photo spam :

The cat looks so done with me but I swear it was purring when this photo was taken!

Speaking of non-human friends, I think I also have somehow developed some sort of camaraderie with the avian members of the biodiversity. I still hate them when I have to walk through them & they wouldn't make way for me, but ughhh they're so ridiculously photogenic! I may have a soft spot for birds when it comes to photography.

This photo is so out of focus but I loveeee it for some reason

London's been painted with autumnal colours lately! Such a beaut

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