Saturday, 15 October 2016

16. Small Things

Some of the small things that I either abhor with great vehemence or cherish with every cell of my being, guess which one is which.

1. A cockroach in my room = I'm NOT stepping inside the room until said cockroach is found, captured, and annihilated.

2. A wound on one of Nenek's toes that she got from a slip several weeks ago. Small, but it later became infected that she had to be hospitalised for a few days and my relatives took turns to take care of her. Mama kept me in the loop of Nenek's progress via Whatsapp, and one day she sent me this :

I remember when I had to be strict with her & scolded her a bit for not abiding by doctor's orders, she protested about it, pulled a long face, even sported her whiny pout, but she knew I was in the right. So while she grumbled about me making her do things she'd rather not do, she also said I'd make a good doctor, but a very garang one. Of all the praises that I've been fortunate enough to receive, the ones emanating from Nenek's lips are the ones that I don't find shallow, even if they're shrouded in bias & favouritism. Haih. I wish I was there to do the dressing for her wound, I wish the distance between London and Malaysia are as small as the size of her wound :(

3. Raindrops.

Red Flower
Mr Droplit by Shahirah Hasbullah on

4. My cousins, when they were small and innocent and didn't know how to articulate their requests in coherent words like "Kakak Sheera, nak handphone. Nak main game,".

Just joking. I still love them now, provided they say the magic word ("Please,") before begging for my phone. Oh what the hell, they can make me concede & do just about anything if they say the magic word. They have Kakak Sheera wrapped around their finger. 

5. A hangnail.


Oh my God can we all agree that hangnail is the smallest, most awful inconvenience that can ever happen to a person?! Say it with me - we. hate. hangnails. 

I sat in clinics with the SHO couple of days ago (I teased him if he had a black pen that day because I brought extra in case he didn't, but he did, haha). It was when he went out for a minute to get something done when I realised there was a hangnail - the bane of my existence - on my left thumb. My hands had a mind of their own, and before I knew it, they were pulling out that tiny hangnail. And then it started bleeding. I rushed to the sink to wash it off and then returned to my seat thinking my haemostasis would do its job and you know, deal with it. But that was also the day I found out that my haemostasis is pretty shitty (I think my INR is like, idk, 10000) because it just wouldn't stop bleeding. Thank God the clinic was coming to an end anyway, so afterwards I went to the Endoscopy unit on a quest in search of a plaster to cover my bleeding thumb. 

I sought help from one of the nurses that I'm familiar with. She thought I was there to butt in endoscopic procedures, again (as I usually do to escape ward rounds). "You're here again! You just really love Endoscopy don't you?"

"I'm here for a different reason today," with that, I revealed my thumb in all its bloody glory. 

"Let me see if I can find a plaster for you," The nurse disappeared into the procedure room, and then returned with no plaster unfortunately, but a huge bandage. 

I hesitated to take it because honest to God it was just a tiny opening on the skin that was bleeding, and putting that bandage would make it seem like I just lacerated all the way through my flesh. But that nurse insisted, she said, with admirable sass & aplomb, "Just take this. And then tell your doctors that the pain radiates all up your arm, your neck, your head. So they'll let you go back & have the rest of the day off,". HAHAHA. Gotta love nurses, they know their ways.

6. Myself. Still can't decide if I like or hate being petite. Hewhew

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