Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Warm Days

These past few days have been really hot in London, and when I say really hot, I mean really hot by London's standards. It was 30 degrees celcius yesterday, that's like Malaysia already!!! I thought my homesickness was so bad that it tampered with my cognitive levels, wiring my brain & body to hallucinate about still being in Malaysia (wet pits, ok, that's some 4D hallucination), but then I saw all the mat sallehs fanning their flushed faces in the tube, I figured it's really London. I actually feel sorry for the Brits. I mean, I'm not completely bothered by the heat because 30°C is nothing short of normalcy in Malaysia, but 30°C in the UK? In September?! Go figure. Hang in there you Brits!

But we've got sunshine and blue sky and lush foliage, so London has been looking gorgeous, albeit not quite feeling like it. Beauty comes with pain ok?! Everyone, stay hydrated! And don't forget to lather sunscreen all over your skin!!


  1. these are gorgeous omg!!!! and oooh you're back in london!! damn although we've never met, let alone spoke to each other (yknow aside from commenting on each other's blog/twitter/ig), i kind of feel your absence! like how bizarre is that?! gotta say i'm amazed at what the internet can do to a person's feeling haha. well anyhooo, i hope you're doing ok over there and not missing much of malaysian food :p

    1. Hehe thank you so much Ammelia!! :) Omg you know what, I actually wanted to jumpa you during my summer break, like ajak keluar makan ke apa. But I was so malu to ajak you jumpa hahaha. Next time maybe?
      I'm doing alright here, swamped with work but trying to manage. I miss my nasi lemak so much!!! >.<