Sunday, 18 September 2016

22. Things People Say

Funny story. 

The night before I took off Malaysian soil, my family got together with some relatives for dinner. I had sizzling salmon, and that was good, but man my aunt's nasi kukus looked even better. Wish I'd ordered that instead. I was perpetually in a limbo between being Kakak Sheera and Sheera The Niece.

A for Ayam!

Kita baru nak masuk clinical year ni, acik.

D for Dinasour, clever girl Tia!!

Oh kita habis tahun 2019 nanti.

Aqil jangan lari-lari nanti jatuh!!! (cue panic)

Hmm tak tahulah acik, tak terfikir lagi nak specialise in apa.

The question of specialties in medicine is not uncommon to me, it keeps dancing around on people's lips each time they learn the fact that I'm a medical student. It seems to be the only thing people can think of though. That, or they proceed to a free consultation by telling me about a condition they have and asking me how to cure it. Hahah. Anyhoo, I never had a definite answer for what kind of doctor I wish to be, because, okay I'll just strip myself naked honest here, my mind has never travelled that far into the future. I'm not even halfway through medschool, you wanna ask about being a specialist ah? Aiyo.

"Plastic surgery kot," I joked. Because hello, plastic surgery = Korea!!

Me at any chance I can grab to go to South Korea :

Mama saw right through me and rolled her eyes - her default reaction whenever I do anything remotely Korean-related hahaha. My aunt, on the other hand, gave an approving nod, because she said she hates her nose. Hahahhaa. Self-deprecating jokes & playful squabbles & roaring laughters ensued. 

"Tapi acik rasa Sheera patut jadi doktor pakar kanak-kanak (paediatrician) lah,"

Fast forward a few hours later and I was having a chat with two Australian ladies seated next to me in the aircraft. They're going for a Euro trip, the two of them, for a month. That equates to a month off work. Since their jobs are very much related to healthcare, we had plenty of stuff to talk about once I divulged about my being a medical student. They went off on a tale about the Australian healthcare system. And, yes, the impending question of specialty came around.

"I don't know yet, but my family's been telling me I should go for paeds,"

"I was just gonna say that!! You look like you can do well with kids," one of them exclaimed.

Umm that's probably because I am one. Haha.

They're not the first ones to say this to me. This whole paeds talk has definitely happened too many times. My best bet was a coincidence, I used to just shrug it off, but now, I'm a little shaken by the ominosity (is that even a real word?!) of its frequency. I don't know how to feel about it. I actually would take a child's company over an adult's any day. Thomas And Friends for life ok. But surely it takes more than just playful tact to consider working with kids??

It's too early to think about this. But for now if someone asks me what kind of doctor do I want to be, I want to be a good one. InsyaAllah.

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