Tuesday, 16 August 2016

I Wonder

Another day, another Kakak Sheera tale.

The other night we went to KLIA & parted ways with Acik Apis & his family.

Airports are just generally not ideal for my sappy heart, not just because they reek of nostalgia and goodbyes, but also because they predispose me into embarrassing myself by pulling a luggage with a heavy heart while singing Percaya pada diri dengan harapan dan keyakinan. But that night the amount of hatred that I harboured for airports was raised to the power of 10 because my reputation as Kakak Sheera was at stake. As Danish & Dayyan - drenched in sweat at this point, after all that youthful frolic at the play area near KFC - were going around salam-ing everyone, I began getting some eerie, episodic premonitions of imminent Kakak Sheera Who in my head. When will I see them next?? I don't know?? Will they forget about Kakak Sheera once they're up in the clouds & lifted off of Malaysian soil??? 

Wait no that's not the point of this post.

After saying our goodbyes, we walked back to our car. We here referring to everyone else except me, my little brother, Aqil, and Fahim. Because the three boys loaded themselves on a luggage trolley and I had to toil their combined weight across the KLIA floor.

They even asked me to go faster. "Laju lagiiii, laju lagiiii Kakak Sheera," -_-

So while I was basically dying behind the trolley - unable to see what was in front of us (have you seen my little brother?! His 'little brother' title completely belies his humongous figure) - I listened to their conversation.

"We are going to wonderland!!!" my little brother gestured for me to go even faster. 

"Wonderland tu apa, Angah?" Aqil asked. I couldn't see him, but it wasn't difficult to imagine his eyes sparkling in his youthful innocence. A curious cat.

(Everyone calls my little brother Angah, btw)

"Wonderland tu... is a land full of wonder! Like, I wonder where my wallet is?? I wonder if you miss me??"

Hashtag deep tak bertempat hashtag Aqil masih tak faham.

Anyway, it transported me back to my MRSM days, when I discovered this song :

I wonder how, I wonder why ~

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