Tuesday, 9 August 2016

#WalimahSyifaDanNaim #SyifaNaimMoments

Aktiviti musim panas : My cousin's wedding.

Also known as arguably the most gruelling weekend of my summer break yet! Good God, weddings in our family are so mentally & physically draining. But I got an excuse to put Zorro to good use and I had a blast with my family, so in conclusion, I love weddings still - its fair share of drama & squabbles included. Congratulations to Abang Naim and Kak Syifa! I hope this matrimony brings both of them to His paradise :)

The Hantaran Trio! They're the ones we always depend on to take care of the hantaran whenever a wedding is happening in the family, and they never disappoint!! Hehe.

Acik Syem & his daughter Nuha share this special, inexplicable bond. Reminds me of Haru & Tablo to be honest haha
Dayyan giving Acik Apis a peck
One of my favourite photos from the solemnisation ceremony!!!
Tia looking longingly at the lollipops after the adults told her they're for the bride, not her
Behind the scenes of a Boomerang take. Oh my God my relatives are going through that Boomerang phase right now
NOT liking the safari on the sides of my little brother's face aka his overgrown sideburns
This is my squad, guys. They're... um.. Cool lah juga... Yeah okay can
"Okay Maye jom buat-buat macam tengah bau bunga bawah ni"
With my mostttttt favourite cousin, Maye! Hehe. My dress received numerous compliments on that day. It's actually an old dress that I wore for KY prom. I remember going loco looking high & low for that ombre, translucent cloth in that perfect shade of pink (Amie & Almira will tell you how cerewet I was) haha. Also, loved that I matched the flower deco! :B

That wedding weekend was all about Boomerang.

Kak Yuyui is the perpetrator who is responsible for luring the whole family into the Boomerang craze vortex. My aunts & cousins couldn't go 5 minutes without asking for a Boomerang shot hahaha. I can actually foresee Mama downloading the app on her phone, and then fumbling with how to use it, and then making me teach her.

Here's one of the hundredsssss Boomerang shots we took :

We also hogged the photobooth available at the wedding reception. Balik-balik muka kitorang je hewhew

Some other photos taken from our phones :

I'm still exhausted from the wedding weekend, this has all been written by a soulless, zombified Sheera. And guys, that wasn't even on our side. Oh my days, my head hurts just conjuring up an image of how much more hectic it'll be on our side soon, but until then, I'm just going to take a nap for 5 days straight and stash my dress at the back of my wardrobe where it has always belonged.

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