Friday, 19 August 2016

1. Things We Carry

Here goes nothing, the first entry for the writing challenge that I got myself into.


5 words (+ 2 emojis), and I’m yours.


That morning Mr Droplit came. It was a cool & serene morning.

I walked past the front door carrying a lot of things – a hijab on my head that is an emblem of my faith & belief, luggages under my eyes, lacklustre unshowered face, a tangible cardigan over my shoulders, an invisible weight of a daughter's & a student's & a Muslim's & a sister's & an aspiring doctor's responsibility on my shoulders, an umbrella in my grip, coldness in my bones.

I walked towards an Amie who materialised from her car, a small plastic bag containing my happiness in her hand. Dangling, tantalising.

I must have smiled like an idiot! Because I got nasi lemak for breakfast, and I was reminded (yet again) that I have a wonderful best friend, and I felt special that I was in at least one person’s thoughts - maybe not the first thing Amie thought of when she first woke up, but that early in the morning?

Photos taken, profuse Thank Yous given, hugs exchanged. And then Amie drove off to her college.

I walked past the front door again, carrying a lot of things – a plastic bag containing nasi lemak, a heart swollen from the love & warmth I received that early in the morning, a smile, an urge to share about what happened in my life with God knows who read my blog, a hope that this morning heralds a good day throughout.

Oh the things we carry.


Omg that was nervewrecking. How did I do for my first entry?? ><

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