Thursday, 25 August 2016

Round-up Of What's Up

Annyeonghaseyo, everyone!!

In case you're wondering about how I'm doin', here's a round-up of what I've been up to.

1. A good friend went away, but another good one came back. It was nice to finally be held in each other's long, tight I've-missed-you kind of embrace for a good few minutes at the airport, after 2 years of digital interactions via Facetime. I couldn't believe Keyla's really here, until my shoulders felt wet because she cried while hugging me hahaha. After several muffled words drowned in our hijabs, the first coherent sentence from her that I could make out was "Ketiak kita basah!!". Been there, Keyla. Stay strong. Now I can just Whatsapp/call her whenever I want without having to take into account differing timezones & do mental calculations beforehand, hehe. Welcome home, Keyla!!

Got her KFC cheesy wedges!! I think only Malaysia's KFC have cheesy wedges??

2. The four of us - me, Almira, Amie, Keyla - got together for Lee Chong Wei's semi finals match against Lin Dan aka the best badminton match of the entire Olympics!!!! Malaysia may or may not have experienced a minimal quake that night because I bet all Malaysians jumped up & down in unity & joined together for a chorus of deafening shriek when Lee Chong Wei - our national hero, our greatest pride & joy - won against Lin Dan. I still can't quite believe that I'm living in the same era as 2 living legends of the badminton realm!!!

This is how the family whatsapp group looks like during a match. 

3. Our friend Satish is no longer Satish, but Leftenan Muda Satish!! So, so proud of him!! The seats indoors were limited so we had to wait outside in the sun before we could see Satish & gift him the flowers. There was a stream of waterfall running down the length of my back. While waiting, Amie & Almira were imagining "Macam mana eh rasa dia kalau pergi graduation boyfriend or husband?". I immediately said, "Rasa panas.".

4. Suicide Squad with my little sister!! She loved it, I didn't really. I mean, to be honest, I actually liked the whole premise, but I thought it wasn't properly executed. Some lines came off flat & tacky to me, especially when the villains explained their actions. Maybe it's because I'm used to having to read between the lines & peeling back layer after layer of characters in (good) KDramas, that I felt like Suicide Squad gave way too much until I had no room for my own imagination/interpretation. Still, not an entirely bad movie in my opinion.

How do you like my contour? I did it manually, using the technique called Inhale Your Cheeks

5. Early birthday celebration for one of my best best best friends, Almira!!! :D She didn't see it coming though, so when we suddenly broke into the birthday song & cupcakes right after the movie Nerve ended, she was reduced to being a sappy, teary Almira. In other words, mission accomplished. The cupcakes were each adorned with a photo of her namchins. She didn't like it, she lurrrveeeed it so mission accomplished 2.0. Made her walk around the mall wearing a pink party hat & she was suuuper embarrassed when bystanders chuckled & wished her Happy Birthday, so mission accomplished 3.0. 

Excuse my ugly Hangul handwriting! In my defence, I wrote that in a moving car ok haha

Hope you doin' great!! :)

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