Monday, 8 August 2016

KHouse : Raya Edition

Aktiviti musim panas : KHouse reunion!!!

(pops confetti)

(launches fireworks)

Do you miss us?

Do you miss us doing the Showtime pose?! Hehe.

I know you do. Hehe.

Both Emma & I couldn't make it to Ulfah's open house the other day, so we sort of forced our way into having a special open house just for the two of us because we're mengada. Hahaha. It was a day of stuffing our systems with good food (courtesy of Ulfah's mum's marvellous cooking!), rolling in (Ulfah's) bed, watching Kpop videos, catching up, teasing each other, and of course, card games!!

Just like how it used to be in our little KHouse in London. Nothing has changed.

Really, nothing. Emma's still on the losing end in card games.

Ulfah is still the syaiton among us when it comes to teasing & pulling pranks. I'm still the lesser syaiton hahaha.

We also decided to celebrate Ulfah's birthday one week in advance! :D

Oh and in case anyone needs low paying models....

HALO?? LINE TAK CLEAR LAH, jhagfhjsaburabnxb

Photos c/o of Emma's phone & Ulfah's camera. Because a) Zorro is too heavy for me to carry around to an open house, and b) my phone never has enough storage for new photos hahah.

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