Tuesday, 9 August 2016

I Don't Know

Some of you have been loyal to my writings, even from the days of my teenage-fuelled angst-ridden posts. Some of you read from Malaysia, US, France, Australia, Russia. I have told you how very thankful I am for that, haven't I? For I am no writer if my writings have no readers. Cewah. Guys if I were a rich credit card company tycoon, I'd give out loyalty points that could earn you a trip to Maldives.

Unfortunately, I'm a far cry from that. Sorry.

More than one time I have been asked, why the new blog? What happened to the old one? The first one? The second one? Why the many blogs?

I started off this blog because I wanted an avenue to invigorate the writing mojo in me.

But as you can see, I digress, many times actually.

The amount of memes and gifs and photos and videos infesting my blog probably outweigh the words I've written.

And then I ask myself, what is this blog for? For my writing? For my photography? For my self proclaimed hilarious humour? For immortalising moments in the form of readable memory? For recording my hopes and dreams and aspirations? For speaking out on topics that are close to home?

The promiscuity of my blog's purpose is unsettling, for me at least.

I started this blog wanting to answer to the call of writing.

But I've obviously gone off tangent.

So maybe this blog's end fate is similar to that of my previous ones.

That's it, that's the cause of death of my old blogs : I wasn't sure where it was headed, so I braked at whim, and it spun and flipped and flew and crashed upon impact.

Maybe I'll put this blog to sleep; its demise another addition to the list of RIPs.

Or maybe somewhere along the journey of this blog I've come to realise that I am made up of compartments. Maybe I've realised that I don't belong to just one singular label - Shahirah Who Writes - but maybe, I am also Shahirah Who Takes Photos. Perhaps Shahirah Who Is A KDrama Zealot. Shahirah Who Admires Park Min Young. Shahirah Who Sings. Kakak Sheera.

Maybe I should treat this blog as the virtual embodiment of myself as a whole?

I don't know.


  1. OMG NOOO DO NOT STOP BLOGGING!!! I mean, it doesn't matter what you post - your personal stuff, or photography/kdrama/kpop related - I would STILL read it! I guess it is what makes reading your blog interesting. Like, you don't necessarily focus on one thing but rather, a jumble of this and that, and honestly, they are all equally interesting and man I tend to get a good laugh thanks to your (self-proclaimed) humour :p Seriously Sheera, never ever stop!!! I'm a true fan of your blog, indeed.

    1. SO. SWEET. MY. HEART. hurts. Thank you thank you thank you for always reading & cheering me on Ammelia! And for always leaving comments on my posts (thus making me feel less like i'm talking to myself hewhew).