Sunday, 14 August 2016


Aqil, Fahim, Danish, and Dayyan are the Ultimate Quartet in the family now.

Dayyan & Danish

Aqil & Fahim

(Pretty sure I do have a photo of all 4 of them in one frame, but I can't recall from which album and I don't have the kerajinan to go through all the albums just for the sake of one photo, so we'll have to make do with those 2 photos, ok?)

They come in a combo, you can't get a separate individual à la carte. I call out one name and I see 4 heads in total sticking out looking up at me. As far as their personalities go, they differ from each other greatly - Danish is the aggressive kind, one who doesn't think twice about hitting the next boy, while Aqil is the politically correct boy who takes the high road & believes that violence is never the answer (whining "Papa tengok ni, dia buat abang," is, apparently), Dayyan is the stoic one who wears this constant unamused look on his face, and Fahim pretty much goes with the flow & cannot care any less - but they share a lot of common interests. Upin & Ipin, Boboiboy, Lego, and dinasours.

Dinasours, man. Dinasours.

You know how smitten people infatuated in love can't stop thinking & talking about their significant other? They look into a crowd & their eyes search for that one particular face? That kind of cheesy stuff? Yeah same case with my boys.

I remember taking Aqil to the zoo several years back. He jumped up and down in excitement, looked around him to see allllll kindsssss of animalsssss, and then asked, "Mana dinasour?? Abang nak tengok dinasour!!!" -_-

So the other night my relatives gathered for a huge dinner out. While ordering, the boys' eyes lit up and went all heart eyes emoji when they heard my little brother ordering Milo Dinasour, so in auspicious unison, all four of them requested for Milo Dinasour from the waiter.

Fast forward to a good few minutes later, the waiter came back and graced us with five huge glasses - the unsuspecting Milo Dinasour. But the five glasses descended on one end of the table, while the boys were seated on the other end. Thus began a series of 4.5 Richter scale of chaos aka endless shouting for their most beloved Milo Dinasour. Acik Apis tried to calm them down, this was one of those attempts to instil patience in them, because hey, patience is virtue.

Just not Danish's.

Danish decided it was up to him to take matters into his own hands. Time & tide wait for no man. He got up and walked all the way to see what he probably expected to bear fangs and nails and a reptilian roar.

He took a good look at the glasses, and then looked at Acik Apis. And then back to the glasses. 

Mata bertentang mata dan akhirnya, dari mata jatuh ke hati.

"Papa... Kenapa... Takde macam dinasour pun? Mana dinasournya?", Danish's voice quivered.

Nope. Dari mata jatuh straight ke lantai pecah berderai.

I swear I almost burst out laughing, but I didn't want to hurt his feelings. So I ached internally suppressing my own laughter as I watched disappointment, frustration, and betrayal all mixed up on the face of one very, very sad Danish. I felt bad that he had his hopes up just to let them go on a free fall like that, but sometimes in life you're gonna have to learn things the hard way, no?

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