Thursday, 4 August 2016

At One With Nature

Aktiviti musim panas : Photowalk at Bukit Cerakah slash Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam slash Taman Botani Negara with one of my dearest friends, Mina :) Parking fee is RM3. Entrance fee into the Taman Negara is RM3 per adult, add another RM3 if you wish to go into the Rumah Empat Musim as well. There are bikes available for rental, I'm not too sure about the rate, but I'm pretty sure it's nothing over RM10. We went at 9-ish in the morning, and we didn't stay for very long because the sun was unforgiving, I felt like my sunscreen was vanishing into thin air with every passing second hahaha. I'd suggest anyone to go earlier & be fascinated as the dark, eerie jungle comes to life as the sun rises & save yourself from the evil UVA and UVB. Or, you know, slather your body in waterproof sunscreen every 2 hours, can also. Haha. One of these days I'd love to go there during the golden evening hour, because it's my most favourite time to take photos hehe. Mina & I went there just to walk around & take photos, but there are so many things to do there you'll be spoilt for choices. All in all, lovely place, and I had even lovelier company!

I've always treasured the scanty times I get to spend with Mina. She's a goofball, a sweetheart, a hard-headed girl who speaks her mind, and she makes it so easy to talk about anything & everything with her. We can talk about relationships one second, and KPop the next, and tarbiah sentap afterwards. Haha. Mina and I, though we find ourselves on the same page most of the time, there are times that we don't share the same sentiments on issues. But even so, she doesn't make me feel like my opinion is less worthy, you know? She listens, and she values my input. It's like my opinion has bearing on her, but it doesn't necessarily change her own notions. I don't know if she knows it, but I've learnt a lot from her, one of them being to respect, even in disagreement.

She's younger than me by 2 years, but boy does her maturity surpass mine! And by large margin too, mind you. Hahah. Well, I guess age doesn't define maturity.

She later teman-ed me breakfast as well as running errands at Giant & Setia City Mall.

I always count my blessings, but as for friends who don't mind joining me in domestic endeavours & still make it a good time, I count them twice. This kind of friends is for keeps.

But the main highlight for the day is I got her to fall in love with

a) Chanyeol after playing his cover of 듣는편지 (which, let's be real, is the best thing he's done thus far! I can listen to his husky voice all day) in the car and

b) the Terakhir song that I wrote about before hahaha.


  1. Ahhhh yay to you posting more photos on your blog! Hehe loooove all these nature photos!! I feel a certain calmness and tranquility looking at them. Wahhh hebat what a photo can do to a person haha. Keep 'em photos coming babe bcs I'm already craving for moooore.

    1. Hehe thank you Ammelia!! I struggle with my photography mojo lately, I feel like my inspiration has gone missing. If you ada nampak my inspiration tercicir anywhere pls contact me hahaha. Hope you're still actively taking photos, and if you are, pls post the photos on your blog ok pls & thank you :B