Tuesday, 16 August 2016

A Video

In case you missed it (why have you not been reading my blog?!), my cousin, Abang Naim, got married recently. I got so beat by the end of the wedding weekend that it seemed like only a 5-day nap could replenish the energy that was squeezed out of my frail body. So this is me, just awoken from that nap.

Okay I really need to tone down on my hyperbole game, because it's getting too... Hyperbolic.

I also need to learn new vocabs.

So I made a little something for my cousin!! A video, actually, about Abang Naim, and some bits on the day of solemnisation. 

Since I'm not Marc Jacobs, I'll have to give credit where it's due, so a massive thank you goes to my best cousin Maye who helped me in the process of interviewing some of our family members and willingly submitted to my silly requests ("Maye boleh tak awak campak-campak semua gambar ni? Kita record dari atas,"). I would also like to thank my little sister, Heli, and my cousin Umairah - I asked them to secretly film Abang Naim doing preparatory stuff on the day of solemnisation, though most of their footages were so terribly shaky they pained my vestibular apparatus to the point of nystagmus and didn't end up in the end product video, their effort is commendable hahah. Last but not least, thanks to Healer for blessing my ears with one of the most stellar set of instrumental OSTs I've ever listened to that I decided to use some of the tracks as the BGM for this video. Guys, this is not just me being a Healer zealot & assuming my responsibility as the unofficial promoter for the drama, but the tracks really are pretty incredible. And guys, I just thought I'd put it out there that this is one of the many reasons I watch KDramas; good God their OSTs are ace. 

I'm no professional, so I admit that the video does not demonstrate the level of aesthetics I originally had in mind, but here, watch in HD. Happy watching! Hope you'll like it!!


  1. Wow. I imagine Abang Naim must be touched by the video. Is this your first ever video? You said you're not a pro, but that's certainly not the work of an amateur..

    1. I think he's more embarrassed than he is touched (re : his childhood photos all exposed), but he told me he liked the video so.. Hehe. Nope, not my first video. I've actually been making videos since I was 14, or 15 I think, just something I do for fun. Aww that's too generous of an accolade for me, but thank you!! :) Means a lot to me.