Thursday, 25 August 2016

Round-up Of What's Up

Annyeonghaseyo, everyone!!

In case you're wondering about how I'm doin', here's a round-up of what I've been up to.

1. A good friend went away, but another good one came back. It was nice to finally be held in each other's long, tight I've-missed-you kind of embrace for a good few minutes at the airport, after 2 years of digital interactions via Facetime. I couldn't believe Keyla's really here, until my shoulders felt wet because she cried while hugging me hahaha. After several muffled words drowned in our hijabs, the first coherent sentence from her that I could make out was "Ketiak kita basah!!". Been there, Keyla. Stay strong. Now I can just Whatsapp/call her whenever I want without having to take into account differing timezones & do mental calculations beforehand, hehe. Welcome home, Keyla!!

Got her KFC cheesy wedges!! I think only Malaysia's KFC have cheesy wedges??

2. The four of us - me, Almira, Amie, Keyla - got together for Lee Chong Wei's semi finals match against Lin Dan aka the best badminton match of the entire Olympics!!!! Malaysia may or may not have experienced a minimal quake that night because I bet all Malaysians jumped up & down in unity & joined together for a chorus of deafening shriek when Lee Chong Wei - our national hero, our greatest pride & joy - won against Lin Dan. I still can't quite believe that I'm living in the same era as 2 living legends of the badminton realm!!!

This is how the family whatsapp group looks like during a match. 

3. Our friend Satish is no longer Satish, but Leftenan Muda Satish!! So, so proud of him!! The seats indoors were limited so we had to wait outside in the sun before we could see Satish & gift him the flowers. There was a stream of waterfall running down the length of my back. While waiting, Amie & Almira were imagining "Macam mana eh rasa dia kalau pergi graduation boyfriend or husband?". I immediately said, "Rasa panas.".

4. Suicide Squad with my little sister!! She loved it, I didn't really. I mean, to be honest, I actually liked the whole premise, but I thought it wasn't properly executed. Some lines came off flat & tacky to me, especially when the villains explained their actions. Maybe it's because I'm used to having to read between the lines & peeling back layer after layer of characters in (good) KDramas, that I felt like Suicide Squad gave way too much until I had no room for my own imagination/interpretation. Still, not an entirely bad movie in my opinion.

How do you like my contour? I did it manually, using the technique called Inhale Your Cheeks

5. Early birthday celebration for one of my best best best friends, Almira!!! :D She didn't see it coming though, so when we suddenly broke into the birthday song & cupcakes right after the movie Nerve ended, she was reduced to being a sappy, teary Almira. In other words, mission accomplished. The cupcakes were each adorned with a photo of her namchins. She didn't like it, she lurrrveeeed it so mission accomplished 2.0. Made her walk around the mall wearing a pink party hat & she was suuuper embarrassed when bystanders chuckled & wished her Happy Birthday, so mission accomplished 3.0. 

Excuse my ugly Hangul handwriting! In my defence, I wrote that in a moving car ok haha

Hope you doin' great!! :)

Monday, 22 August 2016

20. Supermarket

Re : Writing Challenge


I was in my default KDrama-watching position, feeling comfortable, at home, at peace, like a baby who knows better to stay curled up in the uterus where nothing can hurt me than to be born into the disappointing world. Laptop on (in?? Grammar sunbae, help me) my lap, TV right in front me. I wanted to finish Sungkyunkwan Scandal and watch Lee Chong Wei's quarter-finals men singles badminton Olympic match at the same time. Pretty ambitious of me, considering that I'm the worst multitasker to walk the face of the earth, I can't even text while talking to someone. But, a wise man once said,


That was one of the scanty times I actually had my life figured out - I was going to finish Sungkyunkwan Scandal and I was going to see Lee Chong Wei win - what else could go wrong?

Oh, nothing, you know, just Mama nonchalantly asking ordering me to run an ad hoc errand at the supermarket. She only needed one thing, ONE THING, but she needed it now. You see, when matters of filial piety are involved, Park Min Young & Lee Chong Wei are automatically out of the equation.

I let out a heavy sigh, grabbed the car keys, and before long I found myself in the aisle of Giant (a supermarket we have in Malaysia), the rows of shelves before my very eyes. For some reason I happened to be standing in the chocolate aisle, don't ask me why, the thing that Mama asked for wasn't even chocolates, I don't even eat chocolates anymore.

SO WHY WAS I THERE? I felt out of place, like I didn't belong there, it didn't make sense to be there, but for some reason my lower limbs had a mind of their own and dragged me there.

And then, this happened :

That's right, the speaker blasted the OST of my summer break, aka free karaoke session in the supermarket!!!!!!!! I felt like I was home, like I belonged. 

I'd like to think that this is the silver lining that comes with performing my daughter duties, even if it means forgoing my being a KDrama & badminton enthusiast. In Islam, parents are elevated to a very high status, so as children, we're obliged to honour them & treat them with respect. Disobeying parents is considered a great sin, one for which Allah sets a severe punishment, so Allah asks of us to be kind to our parents. Take heed of Allah's words, He'll reward you in ways you can't even imagine, like idk your favourite song playing in the supermarket??

So guys, listen to your parents. Even when they make you come all the way downstairs to get the TV remote control that's literally just inches away from them, or when they make you buy something from the supermarket only to have you refrigerate it because oh actually, they need it for the next day.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

KDrama Review : Sungkyunkwan Scandal

Step aside, Aqil, Fahim, Danish, and Dayyan. You're no longer my favourite quartet. For I have a new one, and that is none other than the legendary Jalgeum Quartet!!!

L-R : Yoo Ah In as Moon Jae Shin, Park Yoo Chun as Lee Seon Joon, Park Min Young as Kim Yoon Hee (in the guise of Kim Moon Shik), Song Joong Ki as Gu Yong Ha

This may or may not be my mostttt favourite photo of the Jalgeum Quartet!!!! Hilarious.

I wanted to watch Sungkyunkwan Scandal (SKKS) because of Park Min Young, duh of course. An additional reason is Baekhyun's sageuk drama is coming soon, and since I'm a sageuk virgin, I thought acclimatising myself with the genre beforehand would help me appreciate Baekhyun's drama better. SKKS seemed to me like a light, fluffy, frothy introduction to the genre. 

Frankly speaking, SKKS is a bit of a slow burn for me. It took me several failed attempts (and unintended naps) before I could get to the finishing mark of the first episode. The following 3-4 episodes weren't any less of a chore either, but I'm happy I remained seated, seatbelts fastened because afterwards the drama began to pick up its pace, and what a ride it was.

Is Park Min Young gorgeous? Absolutely. Is it easy to buy the premise that she's crossdressing as a man in 18th century Joseon era, despite possessing that illegal amount of gorgeousness on her face? I wasn't sure at first, but I think a little effort of make believe on my part (and acknowledging the fact that there are some men are out there killing my self esteem with their pretty looks, exhibit A) help to enhance my viewing experience and make her disguise more believable. Besides, her voice isn't too artificially deep, so her male portrayal isn't too disturbing to me.

I love Kim Yoon Hee right from the first episode, when it becomes known to me that she's going around - writing exam answer scripts & being substitute exam taker (both illegal) - under the pretence of her younger brother (Kim Yoon Shik) who's ill, to earn more money so that they can afford the brother's medications. Her mother struggles to fend for their family, yet Kim Yoon Hee still feels as though as the eldest child, she shoulders a fraction of the responsibility to make ends meet - it's easy to relate to her because I'm the eldest child myself. In the face of oppressive patriarchal society that deems universities & education as off-limits for women, it's a huge ordeal being a Kim Yoon Hee, hence the disguise. I love that she's not just doing this to make sure the family get by, but also because she loves knowledge. She wants it, she yearns for it, she gravitates towards it, the more she's denied of her access to it, the more badly she covets it. There's no stopping this girl from getting what she sets her mind & heart to, and my heart leaps in joy because yay for brainy girls!!! Her insatiable thirst for knowledge, though admirable, is plagued with her own doubts of whether or not she can make the world a better place, having possessed the knowledge, and then Lee Seon Joon comes along.

The self righteous, upright, skema Lee Seon Joon. As much as I dislike his character, I need to thank him for creating miracles (in his own irritating ways, no less) that allow Kim Yoon Hee (as Kim Yoon Shik) to set foot in the Sungkyunkwan Unversity - a safe haven, a sanctuary of scholars who study the tenets of Confucianism. Throughout SKKS I keep asking myself what is it about him that I actually hate, is it the Leo Seon Joon character or is it Park Yoo Chun's delivery of the Leo Seon Joon character?? I've come to the verdict that it's the former. Lee Seon Joon is so rigid and stony and confident about being right that he's written off as arrogant & so full of himself in my book, I guess that's why I'm not very fond of him. Character development takes place, of course, and his trajectory is actually quite the high arched one. He slowly becomes more flexible, more able to bend laws & rules where he sees necessary in inevitable situations, but he remains rooted to his deep seated philosophies & beliefs. His principles are tested when his own father, for whom he reserves a great deal of respect, appears to be going against what's right, and I'm glad Lee Seon Joon stays true to his character by upholding the values he believes in, unbiased. My favourite moment of his character is when he outsmarts the Student Body President, Haa In Soo, during the jaehwe, thus saving both Kim Moon Hee & Moon Jae Shin from the punishment of homosexuality and more importantly, saving Moon Jae Shin's secret Red Messenger identity from transpiring, even though at this point this fact is still unbeknownst to Lee Seon Joon. Just goes to show how much he's grown as a trustworthy friend to Moon Jae Shin. Still, even with all the development, my first impression of Lee Seon Joon remains unshaken until the end, I don't like him.

So when Kim Yoon Hee & Lee Seon Joon fall in love with each other (even while Kim Yoon Hee is still holding up her male facade), I don't really care about their romantic journey.

Because Moon Jae Shin has already stolen my heart!!! *swoons*

Haih Moon Jae Shin, you mesmerising man you.

My whole SKKS viewing experience is basically a severe case of Second Lead Syndrome. I can enumerate all the reasons Moon Jae Shin wins me over Leo Seon Joon, but I'll go on and on for at least forever, so here are some of the reasons. Moon Jae Shin is that character with a cold, hard exterior with gooey, sweet mousse surprise centre inside. And he fights. His first appearance is when he fights the bad guys to save Kim Yoon Hee, and also because the bad guys are too noisy they're disrupting his sleep lolol. I love me some man who knows what to do with his limbs to save the day, so that's strike one for me.

His hiccups whenever his female radar goes off!!! ADORABLE. Overwhelmingly adorable that his hiccups count as strike two and strike three. I'm officially in love with Moon Jae Shin.

He knows he looks good with his goatie & that mane of glory, and he flaunts it. I prefer this raw, unwashed look to his cleaned up, hair up look (in the first photo) to be honest. I don't know if hair conditioners existed in those times, but I just wish to grab the writer by her shoulders and shout "Screw historical accuracy, let Moon Jae Shin's hair be silky & soft goddamnit!" in her face. Maybe if his hair does not look like a broom, Kim Yoon Hee would actually take a second look on him, I'm just saying.

His instinctive protective nature towards people (read : Kim Yoon Hee, actually, since she has the propensity to get herself in trouble half of the time even as a guy). That apple scene. That time he throws a punch in Gu Yong Ha's face for isolating Kim Yoon Hee & Lee Seon Joon on an island because he's worried out of his mind that something might happen to Kim Yoon Hee. That top of the tree scene where he & Kim Yoon Hee look out to a bird eye's view of the city, and he opens up about his brother. That scene of he & Lee Seon Joon fighting for a sleeping spot in their cute attempt to protect Kim Yoon Hee from each other, hahaha. 

If Lee Seon Joon's specialty is his wisdom, then Moon Jae Shin's specialty is pulling at the right heart strings of people into doing things as he wishes them to. A lot of scenes exemplify this, but the ones that come to my mind now are a) when he convinces that child to confess that he's the real theft culprit and b) when he apologises to his father for thinking that his sadness is greater than that of his father and for assuming that his father does not love his brother as much as he does, so that his father does not use the allegation of Lee Seon Joon being the Red Messenger as an opportunity to seek his revenge towards Lee Seon Joon's father. Man, Moon Jae Shin can talk me into eating taugeh any day. 

My heart aches and bleeds and breaks and tears into a gajillion necrotic muscle tissues when the writer does not give Moon Jae Shin a chance at all to confess his feelings to Kim Yoon Hee. As if the many times that he goes out of his way to protect Kim Yoon Hee, only to have Lee Seon Joon's final act to steal that knight in shiny armour title, aren't bad enough of a fate for my Moon Jae Shin. It's just tragic and unjust to do that to such a marvellous character. Why you like that to my Moon Jae Shin, writer-nim? Wae?! I can count the number of times I cry during SKKS; my eyes tear up a little whenever Park Min Young cries her pretty cry, but my eyes go all out torrent whenever Moon Jae Shin hurts himself, physically & emotionally :( The only good thing about Kim Yoon Hee not loving Moon Jae Shin is that I get Moon Jae Shin to myself!!! Kim Yoon Hee, your loss, boo (cue flying kisses).

I can toooootally imagine Gu Yong Ha saying that previous sentence!!! Ugh, Moon Jae Shin is my favourite character of SKKS (surprise, it's not Kim Yoon Hee), but Gu Yong Ha comes a close second. Sassy, fabulous, funny, fashionable. Man, Song Joong Ki's delivery of Gu Yong Ha is sublime. I didn't expect him to be this phenomenal (especially after having seen him up until episode 9 of Descendants of The Sun & being completely let down by the plot. Couldn't find the will to finish that drama). I love that he reads people like an open book (though I think he hardly reads, haha), and sees right through their lies & pretences. Even after his suspicion of Kim Yoon Hee being a girl is confirmed, he doesn't lose his shit & parade around telling people about it. And when he finds out about the love triangle, he doesn't choose any sides - he loves Moon Jae Shin obviously, but he doesn't pave the way for his good friend to get the girl and block Lee Seon Joon's path) - but rather, he gives genuine advice to both Moon Jae Shin & Lee Seon Joon to be true to themselves & their feelings. Ugh love him. Love how people come to consult & seek advice from him because they can always count on him. Love that scene where he complains about wearing black hanbok not being fashionable enough for him & making him look like the Grim Reaper hahaha. And every twirl he makes. And every smirk and wink. And his iconic "I'm Gu Yong Ha" line that works like magic to cast away everyone's worries. But most importantly, love his bromance with Moon Jae Shin!!! Honestly the BEST thing of SKKS ok, hands down, end of discussion. That scene where he just latches himself onto Moon Jae Shin and tells him "It's been a long day without you", ughhhh yes, one bromance of epic proportions for me juseyo.

As much as I love SKKS and the Jalgeum Quartet, I have a few problems with this drama. The main one being the initial response when the other characters learn of Kim Yoon Hee's real identity & her crime.

First, Lee Seon Joon's reaction. What. The. Hell. I understand that he may be washed away with relief once he realises that he's not gay (thus not having to bear the ridicule & discrimination that would follow if he actually is, in those times), that his love is not forbidden, that there is a ray of hope for him of a happily ever after, but to accept the fact that Kim Yoon Hee has lied to him and done disgrace to Sungkyunkwan University oh so easily, is just out of character. And a waste of dramatic potential. His angst is there and I want to see him sort out his affection & principles that he grasp tightly, I want to see him dissecting his own emotions & ideals in depth, but he goes from being in Shock stage to Acceptance stage in like, what, 0.3 seconds? Ridiculous. Writer-nim you can't use the flux of human's emotions to make characters hop out of the central conflict, you have to make them work their way through it, that's how characters grow!! Even Moon Jae Shin's reaction (his hiccups! Cuuute) to the great reveal is treated with greater care. All the more reason to root for Moon Jae Shin (read : We're now moving on to terminal stage of Second Lead Syndrome, where there's no chance of recovery, but I only hope to survive).

And then there's the King's reaction. WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. HELL. At first he's furious, and then.... He's just... Not angry anymore??? His wrath just evaporates into thin air? Like magic?? I'm sorry is this sageuk or fantasy sageuk?! He just lets it slide??? He's like, okay Kim Yoon Hee you been naughty trespassing the uni, but I'll let you off this one time, don't do this anymore ok? Okay cun. Um hello excuse you tak cun at all!! If Lee Seon Joon's angst is poorly glossed over with his love for Kim Yoon Hee, what's the King's alibi then? It makes no sense AT ALL. Ugh I'm so pissed off.

And then the ending?? That vague thing is called an ending??

THE KERNEL OF THIS DRAMA IS THE IDEA THAT A GIRL IS DISGUISING AS A MAN & BREAKING THE LAW WHILE DOING THAT, and we know that she's sure to be beheaded because the idea is that in those times, men > women, and the main engine that drives the drama is the question of whether or not Kim Yoon Hee can make the world a better place by putting an end to this inequality, but what I get is

A quick, lazy, half-hearted, sloppy, cincai solution to conclude the dilemma.

The dilemma that stretches on for 19 episodes long, gets resolved in the last 15 minutes of the 20th episode by burning the vital historical relic that Kim Yoon Hee recovered (read : invalidating all of Kim Yoon Hee's effort, reducing her to a titural character who adds no values/wisdom to the King's reign). 

I read up about Confucianism because of SKKS. I read up about Korean history because of SKKS. I read up about Geum Deung Ji Sa because of SKKS. I read up about Crown Prince Sado because of SKKS.

Do you understand the magnitude of my disappointment?

At this point, it's no longer about historical accuracy. This is the pivotal point to challenge the ideology of gender & class, yet the writer just turns her back to me & lets Kim Yoon Hee be a professor at the university as a man and Gu Yong Ha a fashion consultant and Moon Jae Shin a grammar teacher running on roofs and Lee Seon Joon a jealous husband. Might as well stab me in the chest, that'll hurt less than this betrayal. But for there to be betrayal, there has to have been trust first, and I did trust this drama, I had faith & I saw the potential. The build up is good and then it just... Bails on me. You know what, I can come to terms with what was done to my Moon Jae Shin's silent & buried love, but to refuse to answer the drama's theme on issues that are still relevant in this day in many parts of the world, is an act of cowardice. It makes the Jalgeum Quartet's fight throughout the whole drama seem like an exercise of futility. 


So is SKKS flawed? Yes. But do I love it? You're damn right I do! And I love it a lot. I love how everyone of the Jalgeum Quartet has their own inner conflicts & their own dreams - Kim Yoon Hee with the men-women equality, Lee Seon Joon with his filial piety vs moral code issue, Moon Jae Shin with his quest for the justice his brother deserves, Gu Yong Ha with a classless community he wishes to see in the future (basically all the issues that are touch based by the writer-nim, but not properly addressed, hmph eksyen je). They're each fighting their own war, but they fight together & help each other to become the better versions of themselves. It's like they're all just mediocre individually, but together, they make quite the amazing combo (except for Gu Yong Ha, he's born fab, so his fabulosity prevails with or without the other three). Even Ha In Soo's character has many fascinating layers, especially in that archery game tournament thingy. People in the comment section on Dramabeans were up in arms about it, some believed that Ha In Soo's failure to score a perfect 10 at the final shot was a momentary lapse of judgement, while some others believed that it was a deliberate, precisely calculated mistake to swallow his pride & appear as the better man in Cho Seon's eyes. While I belong to the latter group, it's interesting to see how that one same scene can rouse different emotions & interpretations in different people, and this reminds me again how wonderful KDramas are. There's no one way to look at things.

This drama is a pleasant surprise for me. SKKS carries a lot more dimensions, depth and substance than I initially thought. The ending ruins it, but am I going to let it negate the fun & joy that Jalgeum Quartet gives me? No. 19 good episodes and 1 bad episode, that doesn't sound so bad. Highly recommended to anyone who's thinking of a gateway to sageuk genre! :)

A word of advice to the writer, as Moon Jae Shin would say it : don't set a huge potential in motion but not deliver it fully. If you keep doing that, it'll become a habit. I still love SKKS though, so thank you. I apologise if my words up there sound derogatory & malicious, but please tell me I'm not the only one who's deeply disappointed by the ending? If you've watched it, I'd love to hear your thoughts about it.

And now, Byun Baekhyun, I'm ready for your drama!! Anyone else just as excited?

Friday, 19 August 2016

1. Things We Carry

Here goes nothing, the first entry for the writing challenge that I got myself into.


5 words (+ 2 emojis), and I’m yours.


That morning Mr Droplit came. It was a cool & serene morning.

I walked past the front door carrying a lot of things – a hijab on my head that is an emblem of my faith & belief, luggages under my eyes, lacklustre unshowered face, a tangible cardigan over my shoulders, an invisible weight of a daughter's & a student's & a Muslim's & a sister's & an aspiring doctor's responsibility on my shoulders, an umbrella in my grip, coldness in my bones.

I walked towards an Amie who materialised from her car, a small plastic bag containing my happiness in her hand. Dangling, tantalising.

I must have smiled like an idiot! Because I got nasi lemak for breakfast, and I was reminded (yet again) that I have a wonderful best friend, and I felt special that I was in at least one person’s thoughts - maybe not the first thing Amie thought of when she first woke up, but that early in the morning?

Photos taken, profuse Thank Yous given, hugs exchanged. And then Amie drove off to her college.

I walked past the front door again, carrying a lot of things – a plastic bag containing nasi lemak, a heart swollen from the love & warmth I received that early in the morning, a smile, an urge to share about what happened in my life with God knows who read my blog, a hope that this morning heralds a good day throughout.

Oh the things we carry.


Omg that was nervewrecking. How did I do for my first entry?? ><

Writing Challenge

So I found this Writing Challenge while lurking on the internet, and I thought, should I do this? Can I do this?

I have this perennial problem about talking (and writing, even) aloud, especially where my hopes & dreams & aspirations & plans & future are concerned. Because talking aloud means people could hear me, and of all the people who hear, someone could listen. Someone could remember this. Someone would know that I have commitment issues and hold me accountable, and that, my friend, is

Bapak scary.

That's the scale of my fear of public exposure & scrutiny.

Which is why I very much prefer writing about things in retrospect.

I'm scared that halfway through this challenge I'll lose the vigour I'm feeling right now, and that I won't be able to finish what I start. I'm scared of reneging on my own words, so what I'm saying is that this is not me promising I'll do it until the end. Ahem. Allow me to magically fish out the Muslim card from underneath my hijab now : insyaAllah I'll finish this. Hahaha.

I probably won't do it every day. And maybe not even in that order. But I'll try, let's do this. Come lah everyone let's do this together!! :D

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

A Video

In case you missed it (why have you not been reading my blog?!), my cousin, Abang Naim, got married recently. I got so beat by the end of the wedding weekend that it seemed like only a 5-day nap could replenish the energy that was squeezed out of my frail body. So this is me, just awoken from that nap.

Okay I really need to tone down on my hyperbole game, because it's getting too... Hyperbolic.

I also need to learn new vocabs.

So I made a little something for my cousin!! A video, actually, about Abang Naim, and some bits on the day of solemnisation. 

Since I'm not Marc Jacobs, I'll have to give credit where it's due, so a massive thank you goes to my best cousin Maye who helped me in the process of interviewing some of our family members and willingly submitted to my silly requests ("Maye boleh tak awak campak-campak semua gambar ni? Kita record dari atas,"). I would also like to thank my little sister, Heli, and my cousin Umairah - I asked them to secretly film Abang Naim doing preparatory stuff on the day of solemnisation, though most of their footages were so terribly shaky they pained my vestibular apparatus to the point of nystagmus and didn't end up in the end product video, their effort is commendable hahah. Last but not least, thanks to Healer for blessing my ears with one of the most stellar set of instrumental OSTs I've ever listened to that I decided to use some of the tracks as the BGM for this video. Guys, this is not just me being a Healer zealot & assuming my responsibility as the unofficial promoter for the drama, but the tracks really are pretty incredible. And guys, I just thought I'd put it out there that this is one of the many reasons I watch KDramas; good God their OSTs are ace. 

I'm no professional, so I admit that the video does not demonstrate the level of aesthetics I originally had in mind, but here, watch in HD. Happy watching! Hope you'll like it!!

I Wonder

Another day, another Kakak Sheera tale.

The other night we went to KLIA & parted ways with Acik Apis & his family.

Airports are just generally not ideal for my sappy heart, not just because they reek of nostalgia and goodbyes, but also because they predispose me into embarrassing myself by pulling a luggage with a heavy heart while singing Percaya pada diri dengan harapan dan keyakinan. But that night the amount of hatred that I harboured for airports was raised to the power of 10 because my reputation as Kakak Sheera was at stake. As Danish & Dayyan - drenched in sweat at this point, after all that youthful frolic at the play area near KFC - were going around salam-ing everyone, I began getting some eerie, episodic premonitions of imminent Kakak Sheera Who in my head. When will I see them next?? I don't know?? Will they forget about Kakak Sheera once they're up in the clouds & lifted off of Malaysian soil??? 

Wait no that's not the point of this post.

After saying our goodbyes, we walked back to our car. We here referring to everyone else except me, my little brother, Aqil, and Fahim. Because the three boys loaded themselves on a luggage trolley and I had to toil their combined weight across the KLIA floor.

They even asked me to go faster. "Laju lagiiii, laju lagiiii Kakak Sheera," -_-

So while I was basically dying behind the trolley - unable to see what was in front of us (have you seen my little brother?! His 'little brother' title completely belies his humongous figure) - I listened to their conversation.

"We are going to wonderland!!!" my little brother gestured for me to go even faster. 

"Wonderland tu apa, Angah?" Aqil asked. I couldn't see him, but it wasn't difficult to imagine his eyes sparkling in his youthful innocence. A curious cat.

(Everyone calls my little brother Angah, btw)

"Wonderland tu... is a land full of wonder! Like, I wonder where my wallet is?? I wonder if you miss me??"

Hashtag deep tak bertempat hashtag Aqil masih tak faham.

Anyway, it transported me back to my MRSM days, when I discovered this song :

I wonder how, I wonder why ~

Sunday, 14 August 2016


Aqil, Fahim, Danish, and Dayyan are the Ultimate Quartet in the family now.

Dayyan & Danish

Aqil & Fahim

(Pretty sure I do have a photo of all 4 of them in one frame, but I can't recall from which album and I don't have the kerajinan to go through all the albums just for the sake of one photo, so we'll have to make do with those 2 photos, ok?)

They come in a combo, you can't get a separate individual à la carte. I call out one name and I see 4 heads in total sticking out looking up at me. As far as their personalities go, they differ from each other greatly - Danish is the aggressive kind, one who doesn't think twice about hitting the next boy, while Aqil is the politically correct boy who takes the high road & believes that violence is never the answer (whining "Papa tengok ni, dia buat abang," is, apparently), Dayyan is the stoic one who wears this constant unamused look on his face, and Fahim pretty much goes with the flow & cannot care any less - but they share a lot of common interests. Upin & Ipin, Boboiboy, Lego, and dinasours.

Dinasours, man. Dinasours.

You know how smitten people infatuated in love can't stop thinking & talking about their significant other? They look into a crowd & their eyes search for that one particular face? That kind of cheesy stuff? Yeah same case with my boys.

I remember taking Aqil to the zoo several years back. He jumped up and down in excitement, looked around him to see allllll kindsssss of animalsssss, and then asked, "Mana dinasour?? Abang nak tengok dinasour!!!" -_-

So the other night my relatives gathered for a huge dinner out. While ordering, the boys' eyes lit up and went all heart eyes emoji when they heard my little brother ordering Milo Dinasour, so in auspicious unison, all four of them requested for Milo Dinasour from the waiter.

Fast forward to a good few minutes later, the waiter came back and graced us with five huge glasses - the unsuspecting Milo Dinasour. But the five glasses descended on one end of the table, while the boys were seated on the other end. Thus began a series of 4.5 Richter scale of chaos aka endless shouting for their most beloved Milo Dinasour. Acik Apis tried to calm them down, this was one of those attempts to instil patience in them, because hey, patience is virtue.

Just not Danish's.

Danish decided it was up to him to take matters into his own hands. Time & tide wait for no man. He got up and walked all the way to see what he probably expected to bear fangs and nails and a reptilian roar.

He took a good look at the glasses, and then looked at Acik Apis. And then back to the glasses. 

Mata bertentang mata dan akhirnya, dari mata jatuh ke hati.

"Papa... Kenapa... Takde macam dinasour pun? Mana dinasournya?", Danish's voice quivered.

Nope. Dari mata jatuh straight ke lantai pecah berderai.

I swear I almost burst out laughing, but I didn't want to hurt his feelings. So I ached internally suppressing my own laughter as I watched disappointment, frustration, and betrayal all mixed up on the face of one very, very sad Danish. I felt bad that he had his hopes up just to let them go on a free fall like that, but sometimes in life you're gonna have to learn things the hard way, no?

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

I Don't Know

Some of you have been loyal to my writings, even from the days of my teenage-fuelled angst-ridden posts. Some of you read from Malaysia, US, France, Australia, Russia. I have told you how very thankful I am for that, haven't I? For I am no writer if my writings have no readers. Cewah. Guys if I were a rich credit card company tycoon, I'd give out loyalty points that could earn you a trip to Maldives.

Unfortunately, I'm a far cry from that. Sorry.

More than one time I have been asked, why the new blog? What happened to the old one? The first one? The second one? Why the many blogs?

I started off this blog because I wanted an avenue to invigorate the writing mojo in me.

But as you can see, I digress, many times actually.

The amount of memes and gifs and photos and videos infesting my blog probably outweigh the words I've written.

And then I ask myself, what is this blog for? For my writing? For my photography? For my self proclaimed hilarious humour? For immortalising moments in the form of readable memory? For recording my hopes and dreams and aspirations? For speaking out on topics that are close to home?

The promiscuity of my blog's purpose is unsettling, for me at least.

I started this blog wanting to answer to the call of writing.

But I've obviously gone off tangent.

So maybe this blog's end fate is similar to that of my previous ones.

That's it, that's the cause of death of my old blogs : I wasn't sure where it was headed, so I braked at whim, and it spun and flipped and flew and crashed upon impact.

Maybe I'll put this blog to sleep; its demise another addition to the list of RIPs.

Or maybe somewhere along the journey of this blog I've come to realise that I am made up of compartments. Maybe I've realised that I don't belong to just one singular label - Shahirah Who Writes - but maybe, I am also Shahirah Who Takes Photos. Perhaps Shahirah Who Is A KDrama Zealot. Shahirah Who Admires Park Min Young. Shahirah Who Sings. Kakak Sheera.

Maybe I should treat this blog as the virtual embodiment of myself as a whole?

I don't know.

#WalimahSyifaDanNaim #SyifaNaimMoments

Aktiviti musim panas : My cousin's wedding.

Also known as arguably the most gruelling weekend of my summer break yet! Good God, weddings in our family are so mentally & physically draining. But I got an excuse to put Zorro to good use and I had a blast with my family, so in conclusion, I love weddings still - its fair share of drama & squabbles included. Congratulations to Abang Naim and Kak Syifa! I hope this matrimony brings both of them to His paradise :)

The Hantaran Trio! They're the ones we always depend on to take care of the hantaran whenever a wedding is happening in the family, and they never disappoint!! Hehe.

Acik Syem & his daughter Nuha share this special, inexplicable bond. Reminds me of Haru & Tablo to be honest haha
Dayyan giving Acik Apis a peck
One of my favourite photos from the solemnisation ceremony!!!
Tia looking longingly at the lollipops after the adults told her they're for the bride, not her
Behind the scenes of a Boomerang take. Oh my God my relatives are going through that Boomerang phase right now
NOT liking the safari on the sides of my little brother's face aka his overgrown sideburns
This is my squad, guys. They're... um.. Cool lah juga... Yeah okay can
"Okay Maye jom buat-buat macam tengah bau bunga bawah ni"
With my mostttttt favourite cousin, Maye! Hehe. My dress received numerous compliments on that day. It's actually an old dress that I wore for KY prom. I remember going loco looking high & low for that ombre, translucent cloth in that perfect shade of pink (Amie & Almira will tell you how cerewet I was) haha. Also, loved that I matched the flower deco! :B

That wedding weekend was all about Boomerang.

Kak Yuyui is the perpetrator who is responsible for luring the whole family into the Boomerang craze vortex. My aunts & cousins couldn't go 5 minutes without asking for a Boomerang shot hahaha. I can actually foresee Mama downloading the app on her phone, and then fumbling with how to use it, and then making me teach her.

Here's one of the hundredsssss Boomerang shots we took :

We also hogged the photobooth available at the wedding reception. Balik-balik muka kitorang je hewhew

Some other photos taken from our phones :

I'm still exhausted from the wedding weekend, this has all been written by a soulless, zombified Sheera. And guys, that wasn't even on our side. Oh my days, my head hurts just conjuring up an image of how much more hectic it'll be on our side soon, but until then, I'm just going to take a nap for 5 days straight and stash my dress at the back of my wardrobe where it has always belonged.