Sunday, 31 July 2016

Nasi Lemak

I have every intention & plan to write but you know what they say, kita manusia hanya mampu merancang. Hahaha. No but seriously, I often find myself drafting a blogpost in my head - mentally constructing sentences and inserting photos and adjusting paragraphs - but it stays there in my head, never actually coming to fruition. Not even a real draft post, let alone a published one.

Sometimes it's because I think the material I'm writing on isn't worth blogging about. Other times it's because I can't find the right words to articulate my thoughts. But most of the time, though, it boils down to my own laziness.

There, I said it, I'm lazy.

So anyway, what have I been up to as of late?

Aktiviti musim panas : Nasi lemak adventure.

I have found a rekindled love in nasi lemak, guys. And I'm glad that I have Amie by my side to experience it all with me. We've tried 3 different nasi lemaks from 3 different restaurants and they're all so, so good!!!

The sambal is the cardinal feature of nasi lemak for me, regardless of how tasty the ayam goreng berempah is or how aesthetically perfect the sunny side up egg is or how crunchy the anchovies are. If the sambal is a blunder then the entire plate of nasi lemak is a flop, I rest my case. How some people can eat nasi lemak sans the sambal is beyond me. Like, how?? Why?? The sambal is syarat sah of nasi lemak!!

It's not nasi lemak without the sambal!!

Amie & I, we're still on the hunt for good nasi lemak. Any recommendations? :)


  1. I have always loved the nasi lemak bungkus at kampung baru! It's located in front of a primary/secondary school, not sure, but you can always just google it! But I think they only serve it during the night but you gotta check on that. Another fav would be in PJ! It's a foodcourt called Selera 200++ I forgot but they sell these amazing nasi lemak bungkus that makes you crave for more than one bungkus hehe. So far that's about it. Man literally salivating rn la omg lapar huhu

    1. Uuuu never heard of the Kampung Baru one! But I think I pernah dgr about the PJ one. Is it Selera Jaya 223 or something?? I heard it's cheap!!! InsyaAllah I'll go check it out nanti hehehe. Go go go treat yoself some nasi lemak lovin', Ammelia :D You'll thank me later for this nasi lemak post & my nasi lemak encouragement, so you're welcome. Hahaha

    2. UPDATE : Amie went to the Selera Jaya 223 one and tapau-ed some nasi lemak for me. I'M IN LOVEEEEE. The sambal is the right kind of pedas of me. Hehe

  2. mak aih asal muka aku je !! muka kau mana hahaha