Sunday, 10 July 2016


Selamat hari raya! Eid mubarak, everyone! :) I would like to ask of you to find the compassion & magnanimity in yourself to forgive me for everything that I've done wrong to you, be it intentional or not, be it through this blog or via our real life interactions. Could be my vilifying words, unfunny jokes, slow processing of your jokes (hi Mo!), ugly photos, painfully abundant memes, out of tune singing - I don't know, you tell me haha. May Allah accept all of our good deeds during Ramadan, pardon our sins, and ease the pain & suffering of people all over the world. Amin.

So how was your raya/eid?? I hope you had tonnes of fun, because I know I definitely did!

Eid in Malaysia is a pretty big thing. 

We all know that the real Eid is only for one day, and that is on 1st Syawal (tenth month of Hijra calendar, aka the Islamic calendar), but in Malaysia the festivities can go on for an entire month, so it feels like forever hahaha. Not complaining though, who can say No to good food & good company for one month?? By good food I mean really good food. Malaysia is a food paradise if you don't know it already, but during festivities like this, our food game is upped to Godlike level (read : oily, sugary, salty, and just notoriously unhealthy food) but since Eid is all about forgiveness, it only makes sense to forgive my out of control hunger & dysfunctional satiety centre as well hehe. 

I mean, come on, you don't get lemang and ketupat and rendang and kuih raya (Eid cookies) all year round!! Especially when you study at a country that glorifies fries (chips, I mean chips) with no salt... Hahah kidding. My favourite Raya dishes are nasi impit and rendang!

Everyone also looks extra handsome and extra gorgeous! It's sunnah to wear nice clothes for Eid, so we wake up early and shower (also a sunnah) and invest in a little more time & effort to look good for Eid (and for photos, obviously. I don't want my pulling myself together to look adequately decent to go to complete waste by not having photographic evidence. People on Facebook and Instagram need to know). And then we eat the aforementioned good food (also a sunnah) before we head off to perform congregational Eid prayers (also a sunnah).

After prayers, we'd get back home (and if you're like me, panic because my telekung has completely wrecked my hijab beyond rescue. Not even blowing it up could restore its original shape. At this point, my perfectly shaped hijab is a distant memory.... Sigh) and the salam-salam session ensues.

This is when we shake everyone's hands and ask for forgiveness, aka an apt time to confess that you were the culprit behind the mysterious dents on the car bumper, or that you're terribly sorry for the many times you failed to save the clothes on the ampaian because you were having your afternoon nap slumber when the torrential downpour came, or anything like that haha. I am NOT saying I did any of these. I am also not saying I didn't. You can debate this all you want but this is between me and Mama. Hahaha.

We also receive duit raya. It's eid gift - similar to presents during Christmas - in the form of monetary gain enclosed in pretty envelopes, which is all fun and butterflies and rainbows and unicorns prancing through whimsical meadow, 

unless you're the one who has to give the duit raya. 

This explains why kids love Eid - they receive duit raya, it's their sole reason to love Eid (speaking from experience). I don't know what are the criteria that distinguish one from the Happy, Receiving Duit Raya group or the Miserable, Giving Duit Raya group, I think it's all just conventional social construct, or maybe it differs in families. Maybe if you pass a certain age limit you just get disqualified from receiving any more duit raya. 

In my family, once you start working you're obliged to give duit raya, not sure if the same thing applies to all families haha. Anyhoo, here's a life tip : whenever I empty the duit raya envelopes, I always make sure I double check the envelopes. Just in case there's a RM1 lying inside, who knows. RM1 is still money!! You can buy Sugus with RM1. Ingat, membazir itu amalan setan ye.

And then we visit families' and neighbours' houses! Reestablish contact that's been lost all year long, catch up on life updates, respond awkwardly to the obligatory "Dah besar dah budak ni! Dah anak dara/bujang dah!" by the elders, obtusely ask for the hosts to refill the kuih raya jars while showing not even trace amount of shame, say the Bye mantra at least 50 times before actually departing. You know, things like that.

What else is there to Eid? My family always go back to Ayah's and Mama's hometown for Eid (I honestly can't imagine how people celebrate Eid in the city, I feel sad for them haha. Kampung is where the fun is!), so do my cousins. I don't know about you, but my cousins are the real reason I enjoy Eid, enough said. 

First there are the little cousins, to whom I am their Kakak Sheera, so they see me as someone who has an iPhone with games -_- I also suspect that they see me not as an aspiring doctor, but a kindergarten teacher. We went to visit someone's house the other day, and as usual, the little ones couldn't stay still for one second. They were just so restless. So I made them all sit down and quizzed them about animals, like what animals live underwater, what animals have no legs. I made animal sounds and made them guess what animal it was. 

But even that turned chaotic, because they were all yelling their answers at the same time, and then they fought when they gave the same answer hahaha. There's this one time I asked them "Dalam banyak-banyak animal, animal apa start huruf W?". A moment of silence & hesitation passed, and then one of them (it was either Danish or Aqil, I can't remember) screamed his answer loud and proud, "WOW CAT!!" HAHAHA. #confidenceiskey

And then there's the big cousins. Eid is the time we have an excuse to get together and tease each other and sleep together (picture random bodies of human strewn across the living room, yes) and play games and get scolded by Atuk for being too loud. My big cousins, they are the people that I am comfortable guffawing with even with something stuck between my teeth that no one bothered to point out, so there's no pressure of maintaining a certain level of decency whatsoever. 

On my last night at Mama's hometown, the big cousins & I played this game called Werewolf. It's like Mafia, I think? IT WAS HILARIOUS. Everyone was lying and pointing fingers and blaming each other and manipulating facts. Whatever foundation of trust that we may have had previously was absolutely diminished. Trust NO one. Everything we've apologised for and forgiven on the first day of raya, our clean books, our renewed trust & faith in each other... Yeah, tarnished in just one night haha. After each game, we said "Okay last, last", and then before we knew it, 3 hours passed (oh the lies we told ourselves) and Atuk got tired of scolding us haha.

I love Eid! It's my favourite time of the year!!! 

I wish it lasts forever so that I can stay at my kampung forever and play Werewolf with my cousins forever. But we all know that's far-fetched. We had to say our Goodbyes and returned to our homes, but Allah is the Best Planner. He took one thing away and gave another in return - now it's time to celebrate Eid with my friends pulak!!! I look forward to attending open houses and, of course, eating free food >:)

As much as I love Eid, I hate how very little control I have over what I consume. I knew my skin is going to seriously act up at the rate I was overindulging in all the unhealthy (yet sinfully delicious) food, so it's good to be back home so that I can take my own time to stare into the mirror in the bathroom (without being rushed by anyone!! At my hometown, my time in the bathroom always coincides with someone else's desperate call for nature. Why?! Misteri nusantara) and get frustrated to see all the Eid pimples popping up plus the food bump. Haih. 

But hey, again, Allah is the Best Planner. Now's a good time to puasa enam hehehe.

Wow did I just write an essay on Eid?! Hahaha. I initially intended for this post to be just photos and the first paragraph up there, but oh well... Haha. I just thought it'd be nice to share what Eid is normally like in Malaysia (and in my family) with everyone, especially my non-Malaysian readers :) Hope your Eid was equally fun as mine, if not more! Keep the photos coming on Facebook and Instagram, I'm gonna like them all!

Now, photos twime! 

I didn't take a lot of photos this year, quite to my own surprise, but even the photos I took this year were mehhh compared to Eid photos from previous years. So sorry, but here you go :

Ayah's side on the first day of Eid

Do NOT say anything about my headscarf/hijab >:(

Little brother worked for awhile haritu, so he gave us all duit raya! Hehe

Duit raya galoreeee

My squad who turned an open house into a kindergarten -_- Mmg jenis tak boleh bawak kenduri ni

Arisha & I doing the princess pose (and seriously my hijab's a lost cause so please ignore it)

Aqil comot

"Kejap kejap Atuk nak pakai topi"

"Okay, ambil lagi sekali" why is Atuk so cute

Here's my cousin, Maye (her name's Maryam but I call her Maye because she lives in Kelantan haha) welcoming you to our kampung


  1. weh tudung kau .. haha kidding !! weh maturednya umar !!! haha pretty photos hihi selamat hari raya ! :)

  2. 야!!! Jangan tegur pasal tudung hahaha. Selamat hari raya hun :*

  3. You have to wear the same clothes with your family?

    1. Well not strictly HAVE TO. But my mum makes it sort of compulsory for our own family on the first day of Eid, she said it'll make it easier to identify who is who's daughter/son whenever we go visit other people's houses haha. But I know a lot of families who practise this same clothes thing, I think it makes a good family photo hehe