Thursday, 14 July 2016


Aktiviti musim panas : gift Amie the most flabbergasting birthday celebration for her 22nd birthday.

My best friend turned 22!!!!

I had a LOT of presents for her in queue, and they were released one by one in a specific order. Although at first it didn't go in the order I had in mind, but it later on picked up the right order hehe. Some of the presents are just really personal and they're not my beans to spill, so you'll never know, unless Amie decides to write about them on her blog! Haha. So I'll just write about other stuff that are less risky for public viewing haha.

Almira & I ambushed her when she was still in her beauty sleep. We forced her to shower, and while she did, we chose her outfit of the day. I ironed her palazzo trousers, and Almira did her make up. We wanted to blindfold her so that she wouldn't know the next destination, but we didn't want to ruin her eye make up (which was a masterpiece, by the way, thanks to Almira. Her hands do wonders), so we forced her to shut her eyes haha. Amie also had to wear an inflatable crown for the whole day. Strangers who saw her tried to suppress their smiles & laughters but we could still hear their chuckles, some even shouted Happy Birthday to Amie, making her even more embarrassed than she already was haha. Even I myself was getting secondhand embarrassment haha.We took her for lunch at Seoul Garden (because we couldn't afford flight tickets to Seoul hewhew), and then photobooth sesh (wish we had time to play at the arcade there!!!), and then for a karaoke session. Satish & I sang a duet of Kau Ilhamku (but we altered to Kau Illhamie since it was Amie's birthday haha). It was a whole day all planned out for her. Granted, she was exhausted by midday, she even napped in the car (orang suruh tutup mata dia pegi tidur terus haha) when we had to go to the next destination, but I'm so happy that she was clearly, evidently enjoying herself despite us draining every last bit of her energy hahaha.

Special thanks to Amie's mum who conspired with us and made sure that Amie had her whole day free with no plans and gave us the greenlight to carry out our surprises hehe. See, this is why you acquaint yourself with your best friends' parents & families! They come in handy on birthdays. Special thanks to Almira, Satish, and Mag for making the celebration so fun!! Special thanks to Jasmine & Nina for the birthday dinner and hilarious birthday card!!

Happy birthday again to the best friend in the whole wide world!!! I hope we gave you a memorable 22nd birthday, and may Allah help you become wiser & better with each passing day of your life. Love you, hun.

This is us prepping Amie, and a bewildered Amie who had no clue what we had in store for her throughout the day hehehe

Me helping Amie to navigate her way through the mall haha

Made her stop to take a photo also hahaha

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