Monday, 20 June 2016

KHouse : Finale

(This post is WAY long overdue but I have to do this, before my memory fails me because this took place the week before my finals started)

If you follow me on Instagram, you'd know that Ulfah was the first among us to go back to Malaysia (because her exams finished early), so Emma & I sent her off at the airport, and you'd know that something happened.


It happened.

It FINALLY happened ; a photo of me, Emma, and Ulfah doing the Showtime pose. Without coercion. A photo with valid, informed consent. No shameless begging of "Korang jom lah buat pose Showtime, please, please, PLEASE??" from myself involved. No funny faces from Emma & Ulfah ensued.

God must have heard all my prayers :')

But what good is a mere photo; a static, motionless tableau of the three of us with the end result of the pose when the magic only shines through the process of striking the pose??? Since this is my blog and you are my readers and you must have been severely deprived of my posts, I shall treat you to something more than just a photo, because a photo is worth, like, what, a thousand words?

Pfsh. I'm Asian, not Bsian. Why stop at a thousand right? Go bigger. Aim higher. Make it billions! GAJILLIONS even.

Voila :

"A gif is worth a gajillion words" -Shahirah Hasbullah, 2016.

There's actually a riveting history behind this success. You know what they say, Rome wasn't built in a day, I definitely didn't get my wish served in a silver platter & handed to me as breakfast in bed upon request, I mean have you read my previous posts about how hard it was to get them to do this pose??? I worked for it ok so I earned this.

So sit back and enjoy the chronicle of my story of success. And take notes, kids.

One fine day, Emma & Ulfah went out to Westfield Shopping Mall in Stratford while yours faithfully had to answer the call of duty of being a student facing her final exams thus had to attend some revision classes at uni. After the revision classes, I went through an uneventful journey home and arrived to a room that screamed "EXAMS!" from every corner.

I put down my bag (read : the burden of a student weighing down my shoulders), and sighed when I took it all in : My room. The papers. The books. The empty house. The sheer terror of exams coming to attack me in a few days' time, a warfare was imminent. I was about to go on a lockdown as final exams slowly began sucking the life out of me and then

my phone quivered in my pocket. The screen lit up.

It was the KHouse whatsapp group (then, the group was named 'Yeoreobun' because that was just about the most Korean thing they could tolerate on their phone screens, I had to make do with it).

Emma sent a photo of Ulfah wearing a pair of white sneakers.

I knew those sneakers the exact moment I saw them. Emma'd been eyeing those sneakers for monthsssss but she never got around to actually purchasing them (we didn't allow her because she kept splurging her money on something else so the sneakers were never justified) but what got me flummoxed was the fact that Ulfah was the one wearing them in the photo that day.

Then suddenly Ulfah sent "Weh korang jom beli sorang satu".

Oh my God Emma brainwashed Ulfah into liking the sneakers as well..... Apparently Emma took her own sweet time in the retail shop being indecisive about whether or not she should buy the sneakers, too long of her sweet time, that Ulfah turned irate she decided to try them on herself. Fate had it that the sneakers felt nice on her feet, so now Ulfah wanted to buy them. But she wanted me to buy them as well.

Aka she wanted all of us to buy the white sneakers.

Aka she wanted the three of us to look like we just scored a buy 1 free 2 deal from a nearby thrift store, which isn't exactly a bad thing I mean I am a cheapskate after all hewhew.

They were still in the grey area of limbo between buying and not buying at this point.

That was when I saw my chance.

I told them if the three of us were going to buy the same sneakers, they'd have to promise me that we'll take a photo where all three of us strike the Showtime pose. And I told them there was no other way to get me into buying the damn sneakers than making this promise. Take it or leave it. I wanted to sound like a firm, no nonsense, no bullshit lady boss who has the world wrapped around her finger. I saw my chance and I took it. That was it, that was my last ditch effort to get a photo I'd been dreaming about.

And then it was the waiting game. There's a time for everything and when it's time to wait, you wait. So I waited for their final word. To seal the agreement, or to call it off altogether.

Will I ever get the Showtime photo that I'd been praying for all this time???

Or were they just toying with my feelings, raising my hopes up only to let them go on a free fall, face first into the ground??

Ulfah replied "OKAY" (all caps, guys, all caps), followed with "Anything for new shoes!!!".

Okay cun onz.

I immediately changed the Whatsapp group name.

Oh the sweet, sweet taste of glory.

So, we bought the same sneakers, all three of us. Kasut tema KHouse.

The next day we went to the airport sporting our new impeccably white sneakers. I think some people in the tube noticed but oh what the hell. It was our last day as a complete, fully functional unit of KHouse before Ulfah flew back, so I was going to seize the day, no stranger in the tube giving side-eye can take it away from me.

They told me to think of each one of the pair as from each of them. Meaning one of my pair of sneakers is from Ulfah, another from Emma. One of Emma's is from me, and another from Ulfah. One of Ulfah's pair is from me and another from Emma.

How cheesy is that???


But ugh I like cheesy. And I think this warrants something along the line of "I love you KHouse" as well. Haih. But I'll save the cheesiness for another post dedicated entirely to my Year 2 Journey, which is largely about KHouse anyway to be completely honest, maybe, idk, should I??

But that, kids, was how I got the Showtime photo. That was how I finally turned my KHouse dream into a reality. It wasn't easy, but it was worth it.

Kemain hahaha.


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    1. Awww malu lah i camni Fatin, haha. But thank you. Hope you're well!! Take care :)

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    1. Hehehe everyone could use a little drama in life ;) No drama later boring. Najwa update lah your blog please hehe

  3. weh hahahaha lawak ah kau !! pape pun we shall celebrate this weh haha