Monday, 2 May 2016

Liberty Hailed

I had my Loco/Cancer/HSPH exam on Friday. The night before the exam, our landlord thoughtfully texted me to wish me luck. KHouse is so lucky to have a landlord like him because he's the sweetest! And he's just so lucky because umm we're the best tenants ever like bukan nak cakap apa la but #justsaying

I wish I could really say "Liberty hailed!" but what I felt right after the exam wasn't exactly liberating, because I knew final exams are just looming in the corner. I had a long weekend (because of the bank holiday) so I allowed myself to take a breather from studying & enjoy this... This euphoria. If anything, I consider this as a reprieve, nothing more. Though it's short lived, it was fun while it lasted. So what did I do?

I went to Asda to buy the ingredients to make tiramisu, Emma kept me company. We saw an ice cream van and we couldn't resist. Look out for the ice cream man who adorably requested to be included in one of our photos, haha.

I got to talk to my high school friends!! Tapi virtually je la but still. Our whatsapp group chat is so quiet now because we're all occupied with our own commitments, but I can't wait for summer break so we'll see each other again so frequently that it should nauseate us to see the same faces all the flipping time but we'll keep finding things to do, together. Hehe.

I picked up and finished another one of Khaled Hosseini's books, A Thousand Splendid Suns. It was a heart-wrenching read. Good God. I took my ugly crying & inconsolable sobbing to Ulfah's bed and stayed like that for a good few minutes, while she continued studying on her table. Only after Emma's gentle patting on my back and Ulfah's "Weh you kena tarik nafas doh" did I manage to calm down and leave her room. Ugh guys I love Khaled Hosseini, that man's truly gifted. If my life was a book, I'd like for him to be the author. Though I don't think my life story is tragic/eventful enough for him to write about haha, but his magic lies in his storytelling panache. Maybe if he writes my blog posts for me you won't find this blog as boring, hewhew. All jokes aside, he really is brilliant. I have so much to say about Mariam and Laila and Aziza and Rasheed and Jalil but I don't want to relegate the credibility of this book with my poorly chosen words.

Ulfah's going to sit for her first paper this Wednesday and Emma has a dissertation to write so can everyone please be a sweetheart and raise your glass. I mean, raise your hands, and say a little prayer so that God eases all their affairs and grants them success! Thank you.

Before I go back to being the studious student (studious student.... Khaled Hosseini would laugh at my choice of words hahaha) that I should be, here's a teka teki :

Dalam banyak-banyak burger, polis suka burger apa?

Bergerak-gerak khas ~(-_-~)

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