Sunday, 1 May 2016

Keeping Up With KHouse

Last night KHouse had dinner while watching EXO's music videos (I almost forgot how happy Love Me Right makes me feel!! It's my instant mood lifter slash stress antidote), Big Bang's music videos (at one point while watching Let's Not Fall In Love, Emma said "Eh perempuan ni macam muda sangat je? Macam tak layak je? Macam aku je yang lagi layak sebelah TOP tu" hahaha bengong), and Taeyang's mindblowing duet performance at Fantastic Duo (please, please watch it. 3:19 onwards will have you questioning why this girl hasn't debuted yet?!) :

It took all my might to suppress the impulsiveness in me to sing along to every song, because Ulfah scolded me "Diam ah! Kalau you sibuk nyanyi macam mana I nak dengar video ni?" Hahaha. My life is like a musical ok, I just break into songs & sing along, that's by nature, but will shut up by request. After dinner, we pushed the tables to the side, and tried dancing to EXO's songs (but failed) (miserably) (ahh there's a reason why we're studying here in lieu of being signed by SM Entertainment in South Korea).

Last night I felt like we were at the pinnacle of living up to our KHouse name :')

Have I told you about how we got to the unanimous decision of calling ourselves KHouse?

No, because it never happened. Haha.

Emma & Ulfah never approved of it. When I first suggested it - totally out of the blue, it just came rolling out of my tongue as though I've been reeling off the word 'KHouse' throughout my whole existence, you see, that's fate okay what else could it be? - they both instantaneously said No. Takde timbang rasa or belas kasihan langsung.

Namun (amboi namun, plot twist di situ ye), I did not give up. Not once did I waver in my persistence to call ourselves KHouse. I mean, honestly, what's so wrong about 'KHouse'? I watch Korean dramas and listen to Korean songs and Emma watches Korean dramas also and Ulfah has practically adopted the Seojun and Seoeon twins (from The Return of Superman) in her mind, so what seems to be the problem here, why are they in denial about their affair with the Korean realm??

Emma & Ulfah complain all the time about my Korean crusade, probably to the point of taking umbrage, because of course, random spewing out Korean phrases isn't exactly music to their ears. Sometimes I talk to them in Korean, most of the time I talk to myself and repeat after every KDrama character and look like a complete idiot in front of my laptop. That's how I learn. My vocabulary is scanty and thus began a routine of saying the same things every day.

The repetition must have worked its way into their system because the other day when Ulfah was about to leave the house, she said "갈게! Eh betul kan? Tu yang you selalu sebut kan?".

"A'ah, I sebut 나 먼저 갈게".

Every now and then Emma would say "같이 먹자" once she's finished cooking.

Whenever I say "아이고!", they're fully aware that it's their cue to say "김 사장!", and then we'd jump straight into our ritual of reenacting this scene :

I'm also a humongous fan of this scene :

I remember the days when I just finished watching Reply 1988, I couldn't stop repeating the lines from these two scenes (I still do now). Both Emma & Ulfah just stared at me, dumbfounded, clueless, but mostly annoyed, at my antics. But now, my holding a water bottle sends not just mine, but Emma's hips as well, swaying to the rhythm of the song, and she'll say "Eh bangang lah asal aku pun terikut menari sekali ni" but she won't have it in her to snap out of the song once she's in it.

Really, guys. We're doing justice to the name KHouse now, even though neither of them would admit it verbally, but I know deep inside they're KHouse through and through.

(Cue tears of proud joy trickling down my cheeks :') )

My point is, kids, never give up. Persistence is key.

I shall leave you with another rendition of Eyes, Nose, Lips that I absolutely adore.


  1. omo you listen to kpop as well!! :P and you watch kdramas too!!!!! sign me up for the holy khouse please!!! hahaha

    1. Yes I do! Hehehe. But I'm relatively juvenile in this whole kpop-,kdrama-land sebab baru last year i start. Come la to London so boleh join KHouse muehehe

  2. OMG I can relate so much to Emma's remarks abt TOP tu hahaha :D

    1. Haa elok lah tu, korang dua boleh gang hahah

  3. Babe I love the ENL duet version so muchhh. Perempuan tu gila sesuai dengan my bae I mean Youngbae hahahaha XD And also please do not give up on trying to convince your friends about 'KHouse' ok. Ok dah tu nama tu hahaha

    1. Kan?? I love the original ENL so much already I didn't think it could get any better than it already is but that duet proved me wrong!! Their performance was, for the lack of better word, beautiful. Haih. Our bae Najwa, our bae, hahaha. And omg you won't believe this but I think my housemates have *officially* hopped on the korean bandwagon! Their shower playlist consists of Korean songs now hahaha. I'm so proud :')