Saturday, 14 May 2016


In today's episode of Keeping Up With KHouse, I am reporting the case of myself being invisible/irrelevant/ignored/unloved/unappreciated despite being the sunshine of the house. Nothing new to be honest, this is a recurring theme from this episode.

Evidence #82754635 :

The other day we woke up to the wooden fence in front of KHouse lying on the ground, and we had an in-depth post mortem analysis to get to the root cause of its demise. Did someone deliberately push it? Did a storm come the night before & swipe it right off? Or was it about time for the wooden fence to give way? Jeng jeng jeng.

The outcome of our analysis : the root cause remains elusive, but ni hao I'm Beng Ong, nice to meet you. Hahahah. Bengong. Is this what I get for being the source of joy & laughter in the house?!

Evidence #82754636 :

Rummage through my archives and you'll know that Baekhyun's Beautiful is the OST of my life. I think my being in love with (read : borderline obsessed and cannot get over) his voice goes without saying. Honestly his voice, haihhhh, it's like honey melting in my ears. Have you listened to his rendition of My Turn To Cry?! I need the full version of that ASAP (talking to you, SM Ent.). So when his new song was released recently, I had to share my fervent reaction to the song on KHouse's whatsapp group. Needless to say I received the most heartwarming response -_-

Guys, is this abuse? I think this is abuse. This is abuse, kan???

Panas je hati ni panassss

I was this close to phoning Talian Nur to report about how I've been deprived of the love/attention that I deserve, but I changed my mind last night because we had fun making sushi for dinner!! Hehehe. Just the three of us crammed in our tiny kitchen, rolling sushi, laughing at each other, with my playlist blasting off.

We also talked about what my lack of vocabulary can only term as friendship break ups. Okay, not really friendship break ups, that sounds a bit too harsh and connotes some form of negativity, but more like... How do I put this in words. Friends who have drifted away from us?? I have friends who can totally pass as my twin sister in real if anyone didn't know better, friends who I used to talk to on a daily basis, friends who I latched myself onto everywhere as though we're glued with Gam Uhu, high school friends, MRSM friends, KY friends. But as all of us grow up, we take on different directions & different paths in life, and sometimes it's hard for our paths to coincide again. Sometimes it's hard to make plans to accommodate for each other's varying needs & commitments, because at this point each of us has our own set of priorities. While I may put someone as number, say, 7, in my list, I might be the 17th entry in his/hers, and I've only just begun to accept that this is completely fine.

There's only so much room in our lives. As the days go on more new things come into our ways, there's no way we can keep everything with us. Unless you suffer from a severe Hoarding Syndrome (which is the case with me and Sainsbury's receipts), some spring cleaning is necessary. We discard unnecessary items (and people). We trim the edges. We grow up. It's necessary, it's not a bad thing, which is why I think the term friendship break ups don't quite capture this whole thing.

I'm bad at a lot of things, but one thing that I particularly lack the deftness for is keeping in touch with people. The only way I keep tabs on anyone is by silently watching the reel of their lives on social media. But I'm trying. I have to make a conscious effort to remind myself to randomly whatsapp people to ask how they're doing, to ask about their behind the scenes, go all out with the updates. Sometimes I have to make a conscious effort to free my time to catch up with people, I say it takes conscious effort because I love my free time. My free time = Korean time. Like I said, it's hard for our paths to coincide again, but the rare times that they do, I cherish them, be it just one hour or two over Whatsapp, Facetime, or even dinner. Sometimes, sacrificing my time with my favourite Korean people in 1080p with Eng Sub who don't know about my existence, to talk to real people whom I once shared close ties with, is worth it.

At least they'd give me full attention & don't taunt my sense of humour in that hour!!! Unlike KHouse... Hahaha joking.

Anyway, moving on to some weather updates. Last week was hot!! It wasn't even warm okay, it was legitimately hot. One day it went up to 27°C!!! Sikit lagi nak macam Malaysia! I was 100% convinced that London skipped spring and went straight to summer, but today....

Today it's 9°C. Ulfah walked around the house in her duvet. And landed on my bed. Find the hidden Ulfah :

You can't, because every inch of her body was covered. I told her she could just pray in that because it's shariah compliant. Hahaha. This is it, guys, this is the Spring/Summer 2016 trend : lé duvét, brought to you by KHouse.


  1. Hahahahahahahaha Atul kenapa you bengong sangat I rasa I tau siapa reply apa

    1. It's so obvious kan siapa yg paling annoyed dgn lawak2 I hahaha