Sunday, 29 May 2016

A Sign of Life

Hi everyone! Thought I'd pop up here to indicate that I am still very much alive, though woebegone and mentally exhausted with the copious amount of revision that I have been doing (and even more that I have yet to cover), but alive nonetheless. It's funny that the more I revise, the more demotivated I become, as though my revision and motivation to revise are inversely proportional to each other, as though it's a vicious cycle that I am doomed to be in. I told Mama about it and she said I needed a break to clear my mind - no wait, no, don't clear my mind, all the revision that I've done!!! NOOOO

More like, to deconstruct and reorganise the clutter in my mind.

So after a week of being inside KHouse (with occasional walking out to buy fruits and raw chicken), yesterday, I decided to listen to Mama, I stepped out of the house once again. Ahhh. I was blinded by the sun once again.

Okay no that's a lie. Because it was raining (English weather at its finest), and since my laziness isn't limited to studying but also inclusive of going back in to grab my umbrella, I ended up walking like this to the tube station :

minus Sehun's cuteness of course hehe. And minus the Dolce & Gabbana because I can't afford that thing.

Anyway, KHouse went to Borough Market yesterday! (nearest tube station : London Bridge) We've been talking about going to this market for aaaaages, so it was nice to finally drag our lazy bums to the market. It was 10-ish in the morning when we came, so there were only few people there, giving us the liberty to stroll from one stall to another and finally coming back to the Kappacasein stall to try their raclette, a kind of food from Switzerland. It's basically boiled potatoes, with a generous amount of heavenly cheese on top, and pickle on the side. 

And then we walked on a bit more.

Pardon my ugly Hangul handwriting

Tapi I nak kekal muda lmao follow my blog for more sick jokesz

The only thing I thought of when I saw this was "Where did they buy this huge wok?!"

And suddenly there was what felt like an exodus of everyone in the entire world to London. Seriously. I had to hustle through armpits (one of the perks of being short), rasa macam main rugby k. It was lunchtime hence the mass arrival of people. Ulfah wanted ribs so we decided that there was no better day to try Big Moe's Diner than yesterday so off we went.


This is exactly the response I get every time I say "Korang jom buat pose Showtime!". Inilah realiti kehidupan saya di KHouse #ignored #unloved

Big Moe's Diner did NOT disappoint. The BBQ ribs. Oh my God. So. Good. It kind of caught me off guard because I wasn't anticipating it to be that good, but it was truly delightful. Quoting Ulfah, "Tinseltown what..??". And their toilets have nice floor too!! If that is of any relevance at all haha. And the toilets ada hose!! The Malaysian in me was very, very happy to see that haha. But seriously guys, do your tastebuds a favour and be amazed with Big Moe's Diner. The nearest tube station is Aldgate East, and their operating hours umm google sendiri, cuba berdikari sikit dalam hidup takkan semua benda nak bersuap. Hehe.

Speaking of Big Moe... Hi Mo! Hahaha.

Mo is my friend in uni. We were in the same PBL group for 3 modules. We also had our MedSoc together for Year 2, which wasn't so much about Psychiatry as his giving me lessons on the different English accents and dancing to Rihanna's Work and having apple crumble during our lunch break, to be honest. The other day he discovered my blog and he said it has become his Friday night read hahaha. He's also been trying to do things to get featured on my blog..... 

Attempt #1

Attempt #2

Well done Mo, you made it to my blog! Hahaha.

So yeah, yesterday was a pleasant day. Let's be real every day is good lah okay when you have housemates like KHouse but yesterday was one of the better ones, nothing short of jokes and puns and driving each other insane and having massive guffaws. A stranger in the tube even laughed at our antics haha.

And now, now I have no excuse to justify my laziness therefore I shall kick in full gear with my revision. My final exams are in a week's time, if everyone could pray that I go through them with ease and pass with flying colours, I would really really really appreciate it. Thank you so much!

Saturday, 14 May 2016


In today's episode of Keeping Up With KHouse, I am reporting the case of myself being invisible/irrelevant/ignored/unloved/unappreciated despite being the sunshine of the house. Nothing new to be honest, this is a recurring theme from this episode.

Evidence #82754635 :

The other day we woke up to the wooden fence in front of KHouse lying on the ground, and we had an in-depth post mortem analysis to get to the root cause of its demise. Did someone deliberately push it? Did a storm come the night before & swipe it right off? Or was it about time for the wooden fence to give way? Jeng jeng jeng.

The outcome of our analysis : the root cause remains elusive, but ni hao I'm Beng Ong, nice to meet you. Hahahah. Bengong. Is this what I get for being the source of joy & laughter in the house?!

Evidence #82754636 :

Rummage through my archives and you'll know that Baekhyun's Beautiful is the OST of my life. I think my being in love with (read : borderline obsessed and cannot get over) his voice goes without saying. Honestly his voice, haihhhh, it's like honey melting in my ears. Have you listened to his rendition of My Turn To Cry?! I need the full version of that ASAP (talking to you, SM Ent.). So when his new song was released recently, I had to share my fervent reaction to the song on KHouse's whatsapp group. Needless to say I received the most heartwarming response -_-

Guys, is this abuse? I think this is abuse. This is abuse, kan???

Panas je hati ni panassss

I was this close to phoning Talian Nur to report about how I've been deprived of the love/attention that I deserve, but I changed my mind last night because we had fun making sushi for dinner!! Hehehe. Just the three of us crammed in our tiny kitchen, rolling sushi, laughing at each other, with my playlist blasting off.

We also talked about what my lack of vocabulary can only term as friendship break ups. Okay, not really friendship break ups, that sounds a bit too harsh and connotes some form of negativity, but more like... How do I put this in words. Friends who have drifted away from us?? I have friends who can totally pass as my twin sister in real if anyone didn't know better, friends who I used to talk to on a daily basis, friends who I latched myself onto everywhere as though we're glued with Gam Uhu, high school friends, MRSM friends, KY friends. But as all of us grow up, we take on different directions & different paths in life, and sometimes it's hard for our paths to coincide again. Sometimes it's hard to make plans to accommodate for each other's varying needs & commitments, because at this point each of us has our own set of priorities. While I may put someone as number, say, 7, in my list, I might be the 17th entry in his/hers, and I've only just begun to accept that this is completely fine.

There's only so much room in our lives. As the days go on more new things come into our ways, there's no way we can keep everything with us. Unless you suffer from a severe Hoarding Syndrome (which is the case with me and Sainsbury's receipts), some spring cleaning is necessary. We discard unnecessary items (and people). We trim the edges. We grow up. It's necessary, it's not a bad thing, which is why I think the term friendship break ups don't quite capture this whole thing.

I'm bad at a lot of things, but one thing that I particularly lack the deftness for is keeping in touch with people. The only way I keep tabs on anyone is by silently watching the reel of their lives on social media. But I'm trying. I have to make a conscious effort to remind myself to randomly whatsapp people to ask how they're doing, to ask about their behind the scenes, go all out with the updates. Sometimes I have to make a conscious effort to free my time to catch up with people, I say it takes conscious effort because I love my free time. My free time = Korean time. Like I said, it's hard for our paths to coincide again, but the rare times that they do, I cherish them, be it just one hour or two over Whatsapp, Facetime, or even dinner. Sometimes, sacrificing my time with my favourite Korean people in 1080p with Eng Sub who don't know about my existence, to talk to real people whom I once shared close ties with, is worth it.

At least they'd give me full attention & don't taunt my sense of humour in that hour!!! Unlike KHouse... Hahaha joking.

Anyway, moving on to some weather updates. Last week was hot!! It wasn't even warm okay, it was legitimately hot. One day it went up to 27°C!!! Sikit lagi nak macam Malaysia! I was 100% convinced that London skipped spring and went straight to summer, but today....

Today it's 9°C. Ulfah walked around the house in her duvet. And landed on my bed. Find the hidden Ulfah :

You can't, because every inch of her body was covered. I told her she could just pray in that because it's shariah compliant. Hahaha. This is it, guys, this is the Spring/Summer 2016 trend : lé duvét, brought to you by KHouse.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Liberty Hailed

I had my Loco/Cancer/HSPH exam on Friday. The night before the exam, our landlord thoughtfully texted me to wish me luck. KHouse is so lucky to have a landlord like him because he's the sweetest! And he's just so lucky because umm we're the best tenants ever like bukan nak cakap apa la but #justsaying

I wish I could really say "Liberty hailed!" but what I felt right after the exam wasn't exactly liberating, because I knew final exams are just looming in the corner. I had a long weekend (because of the bank holiday) so I allowed myself to take a breather from studying & enjoy this... This euphoria. If anything, I consider this as a reprieve, nothing more. Though it's short lived, it was fun while it lasted. So what did I do?

I went to Asda to buy the ingredients to make tiramisu, Emma kept me company. We saw an ice cream van and we couldn't resist. Look out for the ice cream man who adorably requested to be included in one of our photos, haha.

I got to talk to my high school friends!! Tapi virtually je la but still. Our whatsapp group chat is so quiet now because we're all occupied with our own commitments, but I can't wait for summer break so we'll see each other again so frequently that it should nauseate us to see the same faces all the flipping time but we'll keep finding things to do, together. Hehe.

I picked up and finished another one of Khaled Hosseini's books, A Thousand Splendid Suns. It was a heart-wrenching read. Good God. I took my ugly crying & inconsolable sobbing to Ulfah's bed and stayed like that for a good few minutes, while she continued studying on her table. Only after Emma's gentle patting on my back and Ulfah's "Weh you kena tarik nafas doh" did I manage to calm down and leave her room. Ugh guys I love Khaled Hosseini, that man's truly gifted. If my life was a book, I'd like for him to be the author. Though I don't think my life story is tragic/eventful enough for him to write about haha, but his magic lies in his storytelling panache. Maybe if he writes my blog posts for me you won't find this blog as boring, hewhew. All jokes aside, he really is brilliant. I have so much to say about Mariam and Laila and Aziza and Rasheed and Jalil but I don't want to relegate the credibility of this book with my poorly chosen words.

Ulfah's going to sit for her first paper this Wednesday and Emma has a dissertation to write so can everyone please be a sweetheart and raise your glass. I mean, raise your hands, and say a little prayer so that God eases all their affairs and grants them success! Thank you.

Before I go back to being the studious student (studious student.... Khaled Hosseini would laugh at my choice of words hahaha) that I should be, here's a teka teki :

Dalam banyak-banyak burger, polis suka burger apa?

Bergerak-gerak khas ~(-_-~)

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Keeping Up With KHouse

Last night KHouse had dinner while watching EXO's music videos (I almost forgot how happy Love Me Right makes me feel!! It's my instant mood lifter slash stress antidote), Big Bang's music videos (at one point while watching Let's Not Fall In Love, Emma said "Eh perempuan ni macam muda sangat je? Macam tak layak je? Macam aku je yang lagi layak sebelah TOP tu" hahaha bengong), and Taeyang's mindblowing duet performance at Fantastic Duo (please, please watch it. 3:19 onwards will have you questioning why this girl hasn't debuted yet?!) :

It took all my might to suppress the impulsiveness in me to sing along to every song, because Ulfah scolded me "Diam ah! Kalau you sibuk nyanyi macam mana I nak dengar video ni?" Hahaha. My life is like a musical ok, I just break into songs & sing along, that's by nature, but will shut up by request. After dinner, we pushed the tables to the side, and tried dancing to EXO's songs (but failed) (miserably) (ahh there's a reason why we're studying here in lieu of being signed by SM Entertainment in South Korea).

Last night I felt like we were at the pinnacle of living up to our KHouse name :')

Have I told you about how we got to the unanimous decision of calling ourselves KHouse?

No, because it never happened. Haha.

Emma & Ulfah never approved of it. When I first suggested it - totally out of the blue, it just came rolling out of my tongue as though I've been reeling off the word 'KHouse' throughout my whole existence, you see, that's fate okay what else could it be? - they both instantaneously said No. Takde timbang rasa or belas kasihan langsung.

Namun (amboi namun, plot twist di situ ye), I did not give up. Not once did I waver in my persistence to call ourselves KHouse. I mean, honestly, what's so wrong about 'KHouse'? I watch Korean dramas and listen to Korean songs and Emma watches Korean dramas also and Ulfah has practically adopted the Seojun and Seoeon twins (from The Return of Superman) in her mind, so what seems to be the problem here, why are they in denial about their affair with the Korean realm??

Emma & Ulfah complain all the time about my Korean crusade, probably to the point of taking umbrage, because of course, random spewing out Korean phrases isn't exactly music to their ears. Sometimes I talk to them in Korean, most of the time I talk to myself and repeat after every KDrama character and look like a complete idiot in front of my laptop. That's how I learn. My vocabulary is scanty and thus began a routine of saying the same things every day.

The repetition must have worked its way into their system because the other day when Ulfah was about to leave the house, she said "갈게! Eh betul kan? Tu yang you selalu sebut kan?".

"A'ah, I sebut 나 먼저 갈게".

Every now and then Emma would say "같이 먹자" once she's finished cooking.

Whenever I say "아이고!", they're fully aware that it's their cue to say "김 사장!", and then we'd jump straight into our ritual of reenacting this scene :

I'm also a humongous fan of this scene :

I remember the days when I just finished watching Reply 1988, I couldn't stop repeating the lines from these two scenes (I still do now). Both Emma & Ulfah just stared at me, dumbfounded, clueless, but mostly annoyed, at my antics. But now, my holding a water bottle sends not just mine, but Emma's hips as well, swaying to the rhythm of the song, and she'll say "Eh bangang lah asal aku pun terikut menari sekali ni" but she won't have it in her to snap out of the song once she's in it.

Really, guys. We're doing justice to the name KHouse now, even though neither of them would admit it verbally, but I know deep inside they're KHouse through and through.

(Cue tears of proud joy trickling down my cheeks :') )

My point is, kids, never give up. Persistence is key.

I shall leave you with another rendition of Eyes, Nose, Lips that I absolutely adore.