Monday, 11 April 2016

Emma-less, Ulfah-ful

Ulfah's back from her Easter trip!!

"Dah lama I tak dengar lagu tu." she said when she heard me singing Beautiful not long after she came back. Both Ulfah and Emma can sing along with me now whenever I sing that song out of habit. Fuh, KHouse can be the next KPop group to debut, how does that sound? Hehe.

The next day we sent Emma off at the airport because this time around she pulak is going away for a week. Seems like I'll be Emma-less for this week, but Ulfah-ful so no worries!

And then the next day, Ulfah & I went up north to Loughborough to visit her mum's best friend. It was really sunny and clouds were gorgeous, look.

These bright, vibrant photos belie a miserably chilly weather okay, don't be fooled. Honestly. What happened to Spring, UK?? I thought we agreed that no more sub-10 temperatures and no more heavy winter coats and no more mist coming out of my mouth when I breathe?? See, UK's just very bipolar in that sense, and frankly speaking, I've given up trying to understand its erratic seasons & weathers. Whatever you say, UK, uhuh, okay.

I digressed, haha. Back to the Loughborough story. We were treated to good food and good company and most importantly, KIDS!! Her mum's best friend has three grandchildren so we spent the day playing with the kids. They were absolute sweethearts and I was preoccupied with stuff like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Lion King most of the time that I actually forgot to take any photos of the kids. At the end of the day Ulfah & I were both beat and full, that walk home from the tube station was downright dreadful I thought of asking her to just drag me home instead of walking myself haha, but we had plenty good fun that day so all is well.

Umm what else? Ah! It's April, yeoreobun! It's that time of the academic year where I try not to turn my room topsy turvy with papers as my exams draw nearer, and I know this rings true to everyone else who have a mountain of courseworks to do or dissertations to submit or year-long syllabus to crunch.

Tough times. It's the final stretch, yeoreobun, godspeed!

I foresee the coming days and weeks to be revision-centric without much interesting tales to tell, so I might not blog much. Okay prooobably just some mini updates every now and then to touch base on being alive and sane (should any of you get worried if I'm drowning in my own pool of tears from the studying that I'm doing),

but basically

you might not get a lot of posts from me,

so, like, you might miss me,

so you might curse me in 5 different languages for having a blog but neglecting it,

so I will leave you with some of the recent happy happenstances that I chanced upon as I was traversing the internet, like this Surgery and Life post, a post so genuine, so artless, so frank about coping with an unfortunate event.

And Gabie Kook, a Korean foodie vlogger whose channel fortuitously came up in the results when I was searching for Park Min Young (I'm borderline obsessed with PMY haha sorry!) on YouTube. She really does look like PMY in some ways, but that's not why I fell in love with her videos. It's how she carries herself flamboyantly in her videos! And guys, she's married to an English man who's fluent in Korean. Jackpot.

While we're at this Korean topic, you might have heard of the KDrama Kill Me Heal Me? Yeah, that drama enticed me with its idea of multiple personality disorder, but it didn't hold my interest for very long, albeit I did manage to finish it last year. I just couldn't take it when it was revealed that the heroine's (unbiological) brother had been in love with her all along... It just rubbed me off the wrong way, I mean, developing romantic feelings for your own sibling is just too grim, too disturbing for my logic. So while it's not among my favourite KDramas, its OST certainly is one of my favourite OSTs! No, actually, it reigns over my heart as the best OST I've ever listened to, because it gave me so much feels. I've heard some other good OSTs from other KDramas, but none of them is at par with and as spectacular & hauntingly beautiful as that one, until I heard this song from Descendants of The Sun the other day. Finally, another song that can make my heart ache from sooo. Much. Feels!!

Lastly, this post that made me stop and think and reevaluate how I see most things. It's an easy read but laden with wisdom.

I think those things should suffice for you to survive on till my next post, take care!


  1. You watch DoTS! It's good isn't it. What do you think about it?

    1. Hi there! :) It hasn't concluded so I don't think it's fair for me to say anything about it just yet, I want to give it a full chance to impress me before I can draw my own thoughts about it haha! But I've only watched up until episode 9. Wanna wait for it to finish so that I can bingewatch the rest of the drama hehe