Sunday, 20 March 2016

Penipu Besaq

Look what Facebook thought was a good way to greet me this morning :

Ohhhhhh ohohoho the cheek of it!! Tengok lah tu. With giant, bright coloured tulips in the middle, clouds at the back, a guy with a shovel, a lady holding a watering pot with one leg aloft - as though suggesting that it is safe to go frolicking and prancing outdoor, basking in the glory of warm sunshine 

when in reality I was cocooned under my duvet, wearing 3 layers of clothing when I saw the greeting. Anywhere outside my duvet is just too dangerous, too cold for me. 

Facebook you penipu besaq. Banyaklah ko punya spring.

More like sliiiightly warmer winter. 

Hope everyone's doing alright. To those miserable in the cold like me, we're in this together. To those suffering from the heat wave due to the equinox phenomenon, drink plenty of water and take care of yourselves please! To those in a place from which Facebook got inspired for the above illustration, WHERE ARE YOU TAKE ME WITH YOUUU

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