Monday, 21 March 2016

Oopsy Daisy

I think I may have spoken (written, if you will) (actually, typed) too soon when I said in my previous post that Facebook's a liar for wishing me Spring yesterday, because today was suuuuper lovely! The temperature was 12°C (anything above 10 and below 20 is excellent for me) today, the sun came out to say hello, I went out to buy groceries wearing a light jacket without feeling the need to sink in a bundle of endless layers; aaah spring has sprung I guess!

As the Malay saying goes, terlajak perahu boleh diundur, terlajak kata tak boleh gostan.

Sorry, Facebook. Hehe.

Can't wait for the flowers to bloom! About time for this gloomy city to be splashed with some colours, like this

Lately I've noticed quite a substantial increase in the number of visitors to my blog.

Oh no.

That means I'll be held responsible for inflicting brain damage to even more people because of my non-intellectual posts and unfunny jokes and uneventful life stories. If you wish to preserve what's left of your intellect and save your IQ from dwindling further, then hang on to dear life and run, run far away from my blog.

Hehehe, I mean, hi :)

So, a little context. My name's Shahirah/Sheera. I'm a Malaysian born, 20-something girl who is currently pursuing my undergraduate studies in the city of dreams, London. Writing is something that I've been doing for as long as I can remember. I write, first and foremost, for myself. It puts me at ease when I am able to organise the mess in my head and articulate my thoughts into coherent sentences, so I try very hard to write well in order to get my message across, which also explains why I often go back and edit my old posts just to add a few more points that I may have missed out when I first wrote the posts. So if you think you've khatam-ed my blog, think again hahaha. You may find the staggering amount of memes/gifs/photos in this blog overwhelming. Well, that just cannot be helped. I am in love with photography, and as for gifs & memes, I just think they're entertaining hehe. Hope you enjoy reading my writings! Oh and before I forget, can you like, umm, leave comments or something, so that I feel less of a loser talking to myself all the time....


  1. Hi (so you'll feel less of a loser)

    1. Hahahah bengong, but hi Amira! My loser-ness berkurang 2% thank you