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KDrama : Remember - War of The Son

KHouse summoned me for dinner, so I stepped out of my room sporting tear stained cheeks and bloodshot eyes and traffic light red nose - a direct end result of watching the final episode of Remember - War of The Son. My housemates seemed concerned.... for like three seconds, and then they quickly dismissed my predicament and focused on dinner. They know all too well that I I cry over kdramas that they don't even bother to offer any sort of consolation now. In fact the other day when I was halfway through the drama I sobbed like a whale in the middle of the night, but I thought the rest of KHouse were already fast asleep so I had no one to share the grief with, leaving me with no choice but to sleep with soaking wet pillows. The next morning when I told them about it, Ulfah confessed that she was actually still awake & she could hear my wail from her room but she didn't come over to pacify my woe because she just didn't want to. Hahaha kuang aja.

Anyway, Remember - War Of The Son.

Pardon my editing skills (or rather, lack thereof)

Remember tells a story of a high school boy, A, whose father was falsely accused and wrongly imprisoned, while the real culprit, C, got away unpunished because he's a filthy stinkin 채벌 who always has ways to get himself out of the shackles of law. It was such a difficult position because A's father has Alzheimer's, so his memories were failing him; he didn't remember how he ended up at the crime scene. (This is not uncommon with Alzheimer's patients, they forget about things like how to get home, turning off the stove, time, and eventually, their own family members.)

But if he couldn't even remember how he got there, it's possible that he couldn't remember actually murdering the victim. Who's to guarantee that he didn't commit the murder?!

The attorney for A's father, B, was at first dead set on proving A's father's innocence, but he was somehow twisted into favouring C's side. A went away and the drama fast forwards to 4 years later, A was now a practising lawyer himself - vindictive and ready to serve justice. The story goes on to show how A struggled with the dirty tricks employed by C's side, in A's attempts to prove his father's innocence.

Remember is not a perfect drama. For the first 4 episodes of the drama, I felt like it was trying (very hard) to give off a Suits vibe so that puts me off, because it was failing at it. What with B in his Busan accent and flashy suits, C with his rich social clique, A with his hyperthymesia. Heck, A's hyperthymesic prowess was only showed in the first, what, 6 episodes? But I was glad that the following episodes didn't revolve around his special ability, if they did I'd probably just abandon the drama altogether haha. This drama is not a love story, it's about the chasm between rich and poor, with the rich always being at an advantage due to their extensive network and great power, they pay to have things going according to their plan, legal or illegal belakang cerita. I'm not particularly keen on the idea of antagonistic characters being just that, just evil, with no depth or underlying history, because I've always been one to believe that no one is inherently evil, so that takes away some points from this drama in my book. Still, the storyline is quite decent, but the execution, I think, left much to be desired. Some scenes are just downright cringeworthy, I had to consciously tell myself to power through them. But I guess no drama is perfect, every drama has to have some plotholes here and there right? Another thing that I find distasteful is the overly dramatic background music that accompanies some scenes. So over the top, but maybe that's just me....

What I love about this drama? It's sadistic. It's unexpected. It's not easy. It plays with my emotions. I went from being hopeful of B's determination, to hating him for betraying A's (and my) trust, to liking him again for doing the right thing. The maturity presented in A's transition from A the weak high schooler with his hair down covering his forehead, to A the charming lawyer, hair pushed back a bit, is remarkable, but it pains me that his father wasn't able to see this growth. As for C, well, I was unsure about C's portrayal of evil character in the beginning, but I grew to like how his character was played. C's character is erratic and turbulent; he could be smiling, and then five seconds later beating someone up or breaking things, making me hate him all the way more!!! Such a lil piece of jgihegbchkbsurbjhb ugh haih. Did I mention that I love how this drama is unexpected? One thing that I never saw coming was A having Alzheimer's as well.... So, so devastating and heartbreaking. I've learnt about Alzheimer's in uni and I know how daunting it is for the patient, and I know how frustrating it is for the people around the patient to slowly 'lose' the patient. But seeing A getting sporadic lapses of memory while trying to remember everything & put all the pieces together to prove his father's innocence.... I cry an ocean. But he succeeded, eventually. He managed to prove his father not guilty, but by that time, his father had long passed on due to his deteriorating condition, which makes it ten times more tragic!!!! A proved his father's innocence when his father's already dead :'( The ending of this drama crushes whatever hope there is left in me for a possible happy ending. Even when A cleared his father's tarnished name, his father's no longer around. Even when C was finally arrested and imprisoned, he committed suicide because he couldn't bear the pain. Even in this fictional drama, Alzheimer's cure doesn't exist, so there was no running around from A's condition going on a downward spiral. A began forgetting everyone, including his lady, played by Park Min Young.

I saved the last for the best : Park Min Young. I fell in love with Park Min Young in Healer, but I thought maybe that's just down to the nature of her Chae Young Shin character. But my feelings were reaffirmed from watching Remember, she's my favourite Korean actress now. She acted better in Healer methinks (God, she's brilliant in Healer), but she's still pretty impressive in Remember. Confession : the only reason I decided to watch Remember is she's acting in it. Anyway, I'm surprised that I'm not reminded of her adorable sanguine CYS character while watching Remember; she's an elegant, charismatic prosecutor here. And guys, I'm 100% positive,, that she definitely has a hidden button on her body that she can switch on to cry. I can't help but to cry with her.

I felt quite cheated, to be honest. Because her role in Remember wasn't quite as significant as I thought it'd be. It's like a waste of potential, because I believe Park Min Young can deliver more than what was shown in Remember. But thinking about the whole drama in retrospect and looking at the bigger picture, this drama was never meant to be the spotlight for her character. This drama's about A and his father and C and D. Park Min Young's character's role is to support A, to act like a source of strength to keep A going, and that's exactly what she did. So all is good for me now.

(tl;dr) 7/10 for Remember - War of The Son! This is not a love story, so if you're looking for cute funny rom com this isn't for you hahah. I'm glad that this isn't a love story though, because as good as A and Park Min Young are individually, I don't think their dynamic quite cuts it for me as a romantic pair. On that note, I'll leave you with this quote from the drama.

"The one who wins... is not the one who has everything, but the one who has nothing to lose,"

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