Saturday, 26 March 2016

Good Fri-yay!

So yesterday was one of the (few) national public holidays of the UK, Good Friday. You know how Christmas is the Christian's celebration of Jesus' birth? Good Friday commemorates Jesus' death, and the immediate following Sunday is Easter Sunday, the day the Christians believe Jesus resurrected from death. If you see/hear the mentions of decorated Easter eggs, that's because the eggs symbolise tombs that bear a new life inside. When the egg 'menetas' (oh my God someone tell me what is 'menetas' in English), a new life comes out - analogous to what they believe as Jesus' resurrection. So there you go, hehe. To Christians, have a good Easter weekend! :)

The sun decided to grace us with its glorious presence, and this time with warmth!! Like proper warmth, the kind that made me believe again in the power of sunshine, after being deceived over and over again during winter with its freezing sunny days. Aaaah, alhamdulillah :) Days like that don't come by very often, they were not to be wasted under the duvet, so KHouse went out to play in the sun! Look at that gorgeous blue sky, macam background gambar passport kan?

The night before, I complained about being invisible and irrelevant in the house. Nowadays KHouse just never listen to me! They don't care about me anymoreeee! >:(

After dinner,
Ulfah : Korang jom main card.
Emma : Jom.
Sheera : Kita main satu game je k, because I nak kena sambung tgk my drama lepas ni.
Ulfah : Okay kita main Ranjau 2 game.
Sheera : Eeee tengok tu!! I just said 1 game! Korang tak pernah dengar pendapat I!! I feel so irrelevant in this houseeee
Ulfah : Tahu pun.


And then after we finished the card game - we played Ranjau by the way, a new game that Ulfah introduced to us, when I thought 7 Diamond is perilous enough for our friendship, Ranjau proved me wrong! Haha - this conversation took place,

Sheera : Okay dah bye korang I nak sambung tengok drama.
Emma : Byeee Sheera. Kalau nangis, roger k.
Ulfah : Ehhh tak tak, kalau nangis, nangis je. Takpayah roger kitorang.

Okay, KHouse, okay. I totally feel the love....

I feel like advertising my housemates for sale on Ebay. Any takers? Free shipping. Hahaha.

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