Saturday, 5 March 2016

A Piece of Home

We're marching into the third month of the year already. (See what I did there?) (March-ing) (Hehe) Can you believe it?! Wasn't it just yesterday that I complained about the day before being New Year? Time and its hyperkinesia. Anyhoo, I got off on a good foot with March, guys.

I'm reunited with my favourite ramyeon!!

I still remember the day Livern introduced me to this godsent wonder back when we were in KY, so vivid in my memory. Aaaaah. My eyes lit upon the first taste of its fiery flavour, tears welled up, and as I tried to reach for my water, I told her how much I LOVED it! Such a life changing event. Like if my like was a movie, that scene would play out as the sky opening up and shin ramyun descending, accompanied by a group of Russian orchestra. Hahaha. Shin ramyun became our default staple food henceforth. Stressed? Eat shin ramyun. Post gym? Eat shin ramyun. Got a conditional offer from uni? Eat shin ramyun. Everything oso shin ramyun.

Shin ramyun ; our KY survival kit.

Oh and yeah I was also reunited with my aunt Acik Peed, the one who came to London bearing luggage full of my ramyeon hehehe.

She came to London to give a talk at Malaysian Hall, so I went for the talk just so I could get my hands on my ramyeon to see her. Acik Peed is like Mama in more ways than one, the resemblance is almost uncanny. But then again, they're sisters so I guess they ought to share some similarities. It was lovely to just sit down and talk to Acik Peed and laugh over teh tarik and nasi lemak. Remember about my miserable week of one blip after another? Man I was this close to packing my things up & buying a one way ticket to Malaysia, but I'd like to believe this is one of God's ways to evince the silver linings, and to also rub it in my face how my plan can never compare to what He has in line for me - He sent me a piece from home instead. Haih. Truly the best planner. Though Acik Peed only came for a short while, it was more than enough to mollify my homesickness :) 

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