Friday, 5 February 2016


No time to dedicate a post for each thing so allow me to dump everything that happened in the past 1 week+ in a single post.

1. I saw a sunburst yesterday!! What is the deal with sunbursts and me, seriously? It's not even a natural phenomenon I think, it's just the brilliance of sharp sun beams coming out of clouds?? But I love sunbursts! I find them tantalising, like magic, and I'm always drawn to take photos of them. Too bad my camera's dead now haih.

2. Amie has started her month-long clinical posting in Kelantan where she won't have the privilege of constant wifi, which means we won't be able to WhatsApp & Facetime as frequent as we used to. This is going to be a teeeeeeny bit hard, but I know it's imperative. It's only for a month and considering that time flies like a G6, one month will pass by in a blink of an eye.

3. The other day KHouse went to do some grocery shopping together, yes all three of us. Our schedules clash most of the time, so we hardly ever do grocery shoppings together. This was probably our third time? Anyway, while carrying our stuff, we walked past KFC and then this conversation took place

Ulfah : I wonder if KFC sini ada Zinger burger.
Sheera : Taktau, but I tahu yg KFC sini takde cheesy wedges. Ugh.
Ulfah : And they call themselves KFC?!

before we broke into a paroxysm of guffaws because so dramatic so over la kitorang hahaha. But hey, we're just highly opinionated Malaysian KFC advocates hewhew.

4. Sometime last week Syaf came down to London from Bath, so Valerie invited me over for dinner. There were Livern, Valerie, Syaf, Shobna, and myself. We used to be neighbours back in KY, so half of my time there was spent with these people. Other than Syaf, all of us are actually studying in London but we see VERY little of each other it's crazy!!

But it was nice to finally be able to sit down and talk to them and laugh over stupid things, just like old times. Valerie cooked nasi goreng kampung and some salmon (idk what was the name of the dish but I liked it, we reached a consensus to call it Salmon Masak Valerie hahaha). To be honest, I've grown fond of going through the ebb & flow of conversation over home cooked meals instead of eating out. Is this a sign of ageing?!

Anyhoo, Livern amused me, yet again, with the Malay words that she said. You know how when someone says/does something idiotically funny you'd go all "Bodoh lahhhh!"? Livern says "Kebodohan!!" instead hahahahahah. Her choice of words is.. How should I say this, interesting? And then she said "Ya Allah ya tuhanku" when Valerie was being obtuse hahahahah. Back in KY, I used to say "Ya Allah" a lot, she tried to impersonate me but it came out as "Ya Alaaa" hahahaha. But that night she pronounced Allah properly so I'm very proud of her, my girl has reached a milestone :')

And then out of nowhere, she took out some bubble wraps from under her bed and passed them on to everyone, telling us we should de-stress ourselves. So... Our post-dinner activity was popping bubble wraps... Wild night. Ballin' London life. Totally livin' the life.

5. I've started on Human Development module in uni! In Year 1, this was my favourite module, even though the lectures gave me pain and made me swear not to get pregnant & give birth EVER because that thing is called labour FOR A REASON!!! But I still reserved the greatest liking for the module, compared to other modules, so I'm all agog for Year 2's Human Development module! I'm 100% positive that as this module goes along I will be questioning why I was born a female and therefore be subjected to great torment, but still thrilled nevertheless.

6. KHouse's current favourite pastime is this card game called 7 Diamond. Ever since Ulfah introduced this wondrous game to us, our friendship has been severed one too many time because a) Emma keeps losing, b) Sometimes she gets good cards, but she doesn't deal well so she still loses, c) Ulfah is good at chong-ing the cards, she does that thinggg perfectly every single time that both Emma & I are curious if she's had experience working at a casino before, d) Emma tried googling how to win, e) Emma still keeps losing.

7. I haven't watched the latest episode of Suits! Come to think of it, I haven't watched any American series for months now, all thanks to Korean dramas, but I really miss Suits in particular. I'll try to find some time to catch up with Suits, but until then, anyone who so much as whispers what may or may not be a spoiler will be murdered. Brutally. And gruesomely. My hands have cut enough veges & fruits & onions so these hands are pretty adept with knife. Should anything happen to you, I can just find someone to handle me as a (racks my brain for all the law terms that I learnt from Suits) pro bono case. But, umm, I've forgotten what website to go to to watch series online without having to register (goes to show how long it has been, are you happy with what you've turned me into, Korean dramas? Are you happy?!) so if anyone could please be a sweetheart and kindly tell me, I'd repay your kindness by making lots of du'a tig'a for you hehehe.

8. Remember I mentioned that Baekhyun - Beautiful is the OST of my life and that I sing it on a daily basis? It still is and I still do. On top of that, I've been singing this song throughout this week :

It's from the OSTs of It's Okay That's Love, which you should listen to if you haven't already. (While I'm at the topic, the drama itself is worth watching as well!! Please watch it!) Whenever & wherever the chance to sing rears its head, I seize it to sing this song. It's catchy and cute and probably embedded in my housemates' heads already due to the endless loop of my singing it haha sorry! Radio rosak : (noun) Sheera.

9. It's February already, can you believe it? Wasn't New Year just yesterday?? I hope everyone is holding up well and still keeping true to their new year's resolutions hewhew. My resolution was to not finish a Korean drama in 2 days, and so far so good, I'm still adhering to it. I finished Reply 1988 in 4 days, not bad right? After giving it much thought, I've finally decided on another resolution, and that is to stop blowing my food when it's hot. Wish me luck!


  1. Hahaha~ poor Emma. Her efforts to win on that game is unbelievable luls, You guys should celebrate her victory if she ever had her 1st win. Best of luck for her. Nice post tho~ *thumbs up* :)

    1. She did win once/twice (out of hundreds of our games haha) but every time she won, she berlagak so teruk that Tuhan kasi balasan she lost the following game(s) hahaha. Thank you for reading, Sam! I really appreciate it :) Hope you're well!